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VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION | JUNE 7-13, 2018 ENTERTAINMENT 7 Knoxville's 'Action Point' is forgettable HH For those of you who don't recall the name Johnny Knoxville, allow me to give a refresher course. Knoxville rose to fame along with his merry band of misfits on MTV's "Jackass." He and his friends would perform highly questionable "stunts" that usually ended in one or more of them requiring medical attention every few episodes. It was like the "Gong Show" on steroids and zero common sense. It had the redeem- ing quality of seeing a bad wreck on the side of the highway, in that you knew you should turn away but couldn't help yourself but look. The short-lived, two-year series spawned three feature length movies that contained even more over-the- top daredevil behavior. Knoxville parlayed his popularity into roles in "Men in Black II" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" and proved, at the least, he was acceptable as a come- dic actor. "Bad Grandpa," in 2013, kept him relevant but he has seen a decline in roles. In the new release, "Action Point," Knoxville plays D.C., the owner of a run-down amusement park. The fictional park in the film is loosely based on the actual Action Park in Vernon, N.J., in the early '70s. Action Park was notorious for having underage employees, mass drinking by staff and guests, and was liable for the deaths of six guests. It was like Rocky Point with no safety measures or oversight. In the film, when D.C's park is threatened by a new, bigger, cor- porate park that opens nearby, he decides he needs to up the ante and go even crazier to compete. Knoxville is funny, there's no denying that, and "Action Point" is a nice momentary diversion from the gigantic tentpole films currently dominating at the box office. The film is actually kind of reminis- cent of "Meatballs" with a young Bill Murray. But since the death of Ryan Dunn in 2011, the "Jackass" gang hasn't been very outlandish. Longtime collaborator and overall knucklehead Chris Pontius, who was also a member of the "Jackass" gang, is here as well, serving up plenty of inappropriate stunts. But this is Knoxville's film, and he is an acceptable lead. You'll notice, I didn't stress actor. There's not that much acting going on here, as much as there is a bunch of morons hurting themselves and others. Perhaps in an era when you can pull up "Fail Army" videos on YouTube and see the same idiotic acts in shorter form and higher pro- pensity, that 90 minutes of "Action Point" isn't as amusing; besides the fact that you paid 10 bucks to watch it. Though Knoxville still excels at the debauchery and stupidity that made him a household name 15 years ago, and while it's not a full-blown waste of time, it's definitely not where you want to be on a nice sunny weekend. You'll forget about the film, and maybe all but one or two of the stunts, halfway home. It wouldn't surprise me if this film is on Hulu in a couple of weeks. Maybe it'll find an audience there, since the theater I was in was devoid of people. The film is directed by Tim Kirkby who has a career in television direct- ing, particularly the very funny and offensive "Fleabag" which stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is cur- rently receiving accolades for voicing Lando's droid, L3, in "Solo." This film is rated R. JOHNNY KNOXVILLE plays the owner of a run-down amusement park in "Action Point." The park is threatened by a new corporate park that opens nearby. Film Unfiltered TOM BURKE

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