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CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | JUNE 7-13, 2018 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 23 Thanks for remembering Horlbogen in Lincoln parade I am writing with such grati- tude for the Lincoln Memorial Day Parade Committee and The Valley Breeze for honoring my late father, William "Bill" Horlbogen, by continuing the annual William Horlbogen Memorial Trophy, awarded to the best float by a vol- unteer organization in the Lincoln Memorial Day Parade. Bill was the parade organizer for decades, at the time when it was run solely by the VFW Post, which was a thriving organization. He was the consummate delegator, and thoroughly enjoyed everyone working together for the success of the main event. I remember he sometimes surprised himself at how wonderful the parade would be! Over time, Dave Sale, along with the Town of Lincoln, began to assist in the parade organizing, and eventually, with my dad's passing, took it over entirely. Our family was humbled and grateful when the year following his death, Dave presented us with the idea of the trophy in his honor. That it con- tinues now, some 20 years later, is awesome! Bill would be so delighted, as am I, with how the parade has grown and with the wonderful organizations that spend countless hours preparing their floats for the parade. I feel my dad would be fine with me confessing that 2018 was the best Lincoln Memorial Day Parade yet! Many thanks to Police Capt. Phil Gould, to the winner of this year's trophy, Pack 1 Manville Boy Scouts, and all who continue the tradition. BARBARA (HORLBOGEN) ACKAWAY East Providence Kudos to parade organizers from antique fire truck group I wish to commend the Lincoln Memorial Day Parade Committee for all their hard work. This was a true team effort on a job well done that delivered a huge success last week. I was truly impressed by the incredible number of volunteers who worked the pasta supper fundraiser on May 12 and the extraordinary amount of door prize/gift certificates that were donated from local merchants. This was a true example of a community coming together. Special thanks to Police Capt. Philip Gould for handling the coor- dination of all parade participants. I was in the fire truck division along with several of my colleagues who own antique fire apparatus. The new route finishing at Chase Farm with a post-parade celebration was a home run. There were costume characters for the kids, live music, and food trucks for a crowd that just kept growing. Thank you for inviting us and ask- ing us to stay at Chase Farm after- wards. It was a pleasure to be there for the families and children. We look forward to participating in this wonderful, family oriented commu- nity event for years to come. RICHARD A. QUETTA Quetta is president of the Rhode Island Antique Fire Apparatus Society. If there is gender pay problem, women should get all the jobs In The Valley Breeze of May 31, 2018, publisher Tom Ward wrote about his futile attempt to talk sense into Congressman David Cicilline (D). The congressman wants to pass laws to guarantee gender equity pay. Mr. Ward showed the congressman with all kinds of data that there is no gender equity pay problem. I agree. You have to be an economic illiter- ate to believe that women get only 75 cents for every dollar the men make. If that were the case, some smart business man would reduce his payroll by only hiring women. That would give him quite a competitive advantage over his competitors stupid enough to hire men. I am inclined to believe that even Congressman Cicilline is intelligent enough to understand that a free mar- ket would not allow the gender equity pay to be a problem. So, that makes me wonder why gender equity pay is a top priority for the congressman and his fellow progressives. Is it because the congressman believes that his con- stituents are all economic illiterates? Come to think of it ... ADRI KALISVAART Lincoln Publisher's Note: In fairness, Congressman Cicilline was not presented evidence when we met. I merely stated that it was obvious to me that women fell behind in pay – on average – when many of them left the work- force for years to raise children. The evidence was found easily after our 2014 meeting ended, printed, and mailed to him. Earth Day supporters thanked Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful, supported a variety of litter cleanups hosted by our municipalities and local business as they took part in the annual Great America Cleanup and celebrated Earth Day. With participation from all these differ- ent groups, our volunteers were able to collect a large amount of litter, 24 tons, from our roads, parks, and waterways. Republicans must disaffiliate to have voice in mayor's race Time is running out for many Town of Cumberland voters ... whom, if they do not take immedi- ate action, are not going to be able to have a say regarding the future of our town, or be able to vote in one of the most important primary elections in the history of this town. That is unless they take immediate action before June 14. Why? Cumberland's primary elections are not what many other communities have, open prima- ries. In an open (or nonpartisan) primary, all of the candidates for office are on the same ballot. It does not matter whether the candidate has an "R", a "D", an "I", a Cool Moose, Libertarian, or any other label. The beauty of this kind of a primary is that everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, gets to vote for whom it is that they feel is the best person for the job. Again, politician affiliations mean nothing. "Declared Republicans" can vote for a Democrat...and visa-versa, a Democrat can support a Republican. Here in Cumberland you are either a Democrat, a Republican or you are "Unaffiliated". The town hosts partisan primaries. There has been talk over the years about changing this, but it usually winds up going nowhere. So where am I going? Until the sit- uation changes I think we all should consider, regardless of our political leanings, to be "unaffiliated". That way, when Primary Day arrives, and we walk into the polling place, we are then free to make the decision, based on the circumstances at hand, which primary we wish to vote in. As I mentioned, an important primary is coming Sept. 12, and if the hundreds of citizens who are registered as Republicans do not, within the next week, become "unaf- filliated", they are not going to have any say in the race for mayor of Cumberland. I am not going to go into a prais- ing of Mayor Bill Murray here, which he very much deserves. Rather my primary focus is to edu- cate my many fellow Republicans of our situation, and our need to con- sider our status quo, that in remain- ing registered as a Republican, we will not have a say in the mayor's race. We must become unaffiliated. It's a very simple, straightforward procedure that can easily be done at Town Hall or over the Internet on the R.I. Board of Elections website. Detailed information can be found at home/news/deadline-primary-vot- ers-disaffiliate. TOM LETOURNEAU Cumberland Letourneau is a former School Committee member and former Cumberland GOP party vice-chairman. Editor's Note: An unaffiliated voter can choose to vote in either party's primary, but only one. By voting in the party pri- mary, he becomes a member of that party. The voter then – right there at the polling place, immediately – can choose to disaf- filiate again by filling out a form. If the voter does not fill out the disaffiliation the form, he remains in the political party. 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