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CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | SEPTEMBER 22-28, 2016 AUTUMN IN THE VALLEY 11 Grapes at NICKLE CREEK VINEYARDS in Foster are ready to be harvested for fall red and white wines. JULIE HILLMAN of Verde Vineyards holds a bottle of St. Croix and Surveyor red wine - both of which are fall favorites of customers. wine is the biggest seller. "The wine is made from organic grapes from Massachusetts and it goes great with a Thanksgiving turkey," Berntson says. "You just can't help and think of New England with cranberries." Cranberry sauce and cranberry tarts are a staple in any home in the fall, but a bottle of Nickle Creek's Autumn Cranberry white wine should be don- ning your table when the guests start arriving. A perfect before or after dinner treat, the Autumn Cranberry offers an "easy-to-enjoy" taste that captivates the season. Wine makers today use all types of fruits to make their bounty, and here in the valley, apples are no exception. The Purple Cat Vineyard and Winery has used the most celebrated fruit in the area to make a hard apple cider spar- kling wine. Light and refreshing, som- melier Jen Holmes says it's like taking a bite out of a fresh apple. For Diamond Hill Vineyards, the Spiced Apple wine is a customer favorite as Berntson says the wine tastes best when heated in the winter. "It's a hot mulled wine," she says. "Pour a bottle in a sauce pan and let simmer and add light brown sugar, it tastes just like hot apple pie." Coming home after a long walk on a cool, crisp afternoon, your appetite may be hunkering for a good bowl of hot beef stew. If you're looking the perfect wine to go with it, the California Syrah at the Purple Cat Vineyard and Winery may be the ideal choice. "The Syrah feels like velvet going down the back of your throat," says Holmes. The full-bodied wine also is great to marinate the beef before and during cooking. So, the consumption of the heaviest and heartiest of foods is done and you don't have enough room for dessert, but your sweet tooth is aching for something good. For that, wines make an ideal substitution over pie or cake to end the evening. If you're craving chocolate, the California merlot at Purple Cat Vineyard and Winery is a mild, dry wine with hints of mocha and coco mixed with berry fruit, plum, and black cherry. But if you're searching for that after-dinner wine that acts like a party in your mouth, Nickle Creek Vineyards in Foster carries the perfect choice with Twilight. "Each sip you pick up something completely different," says sommelier Sheri O'Connor. Bursting with rich, intense flavors, this wine combines cherry, plum, blackberry tastes with a chocolate finish that will satisfy the most cynical connoisseur. Vineyards like DIAMOND HILL in Cumberland are providing local connois- seurs this fall with wines that are tailor made for the season. From preceding page 772 Dexter St. Central Falls, RI 401 724-6674 Family Owned & Operated for 44 Years Wholesale Warehouse Open to the Public F L O O R C O V E R I N G , I N C . Massud & Son's Massud & Son's $ 749 00 $ 749 00 Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Wednesday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. -5 p.m. 3 ROOM SPECIAL Installed with pad! BERBER CARPET or PLUSH CARPET Based on 40 sq. yds. +tax Now Thru 10-31-16 Warm your Warm your home this fall with home this fall with new flooring new flooring $ 139 99 9x12 Area Rugs All Sides Bound Solid Hardwood Solid Hardwood Floors Floors By BRUCE All Colors By BRUCE All Colors $ 3 99 $ 3 99 Sq. Ft. Sq. Ft. Luxury Vinyl Luxury Vinyl Plank Plank Water Proof Floors Water Proof Floors $ 1 69 $ 1 69 Sq. Ft. Sq. Ft.

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