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©2021 THE VALLEY BREEZE Living THE VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER APRIL 7-13, 2021 @ Traditional Parenting JOHN ROSEMOND Stop checking your child's homework Many times have I warned parents of the pitfalls of micromanaging their children's academic responsibilities lest said children deduce that the responsibilities in question are not theirs at all and begin acting increas- ingly irresponsible. Hello? Is there anybody out there? "I know you say parents shouldn't micromanage their kids, John," a parent tells me, "but if I don't check behind him, he doesn't do his home- work." Some parents will do anything it takes to feel useful, even if it means doing what is useless and even coun- terproductive. The fact is that if you act as if you don't trust your child to do what he is supposed to do, he will prove you correct, even if he shoots himself in the foot in the process. In psycho-lingo, that fact is known as the "self-fulfilling prophecy." At least a dozen times in the last several months or so mothers have told me they "must" check to make sure their kids are properly doing their schoolwork. "How do you know?" I ask. "Know what?" "That if you don't check behind him, he won't do his homework?" See PARENTING, Page 12 Rhode Island's got the blues Rhythm and blues to be exact – and RIRBPS is hoping to make it official PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island has an official state bird, state flower, state drink, and who could forget the quirky naming of calamari as our official "state appetiz- er." Isn't it time there was an official state music genre? The Rhode Island Rhythm & Blues Preservation Society has proposed a bill, introduced by Rep. David Bennett, to name rhythm and blues as the state's official music. Cleveland Kurtz, RIRBPS president, sums up the motive behind the cam- paign saying, "I think it is the music that we have in common." Kurtz said that for about a year, RIRBPS conducted a survey of music in Rhode Island, "going to all the clubs," finding that the most played form of live music reported back was rhythm and blues, he said. "You can go to a club every night of the week and lis- ten to live (blues) music," said Kurtz, of pre-COVID-19 times. If the bill passes, Kurtz said, "Like a state flower, this would be our state music. It would announce to the world that we groove on it." "We have a very diverse state," Kurtz said, point- ing out that Rhode Islanders also have many different styles of music preference. But we all "meet at the watering hole of rhythm and blues," he said, highlight- By LAURA COLANTONIO Editorial & Design Team Coordinator See BLUES, Page 13 KURTZ NEW! Pay only $10 for ads for Items for Sale valued at $200 or less. 3 weeks, only $25. Visit, or call 334-9555 weekdays. Deadline, Tuesday at Noon. Looking to Sell Your Stuff? Let us help. OFFICE – 6 Blackstone Valley Place Suite #204 Lincoln, Rhode Island 02865 Telephone - 401-334-9555 Fax - 401-334-9994 Check Out Each Week's Growing List of Local Yard Sales In Our Classifieds Section. YARD SALE as seen in Day(s): Date(s): Tim e: Address: Please dispose of this sign as soon as your Yard Sale ends. Thank you! Planning A Yard Sale? Listings are JUST $25 and includes an online listing on our website. DEADLINE: TUESDAYS AT NOON Place your ad Online at or call or stop by our office. Let's Go (YARD) Sale-ing!

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