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8 LINCOLN / THE VALLEY APRIL 1-7, 2021 | VALLEY BREEZE | CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION LINCOLN – In 2017 Bill McManus outlined a four-year plan called Lincoln 2020, a community initiative calling for the beautification of landscapes, the repair of crum- bling curbs and general improve- ments across town. Four years later, McManus said his Lincoln 2020 vision has yet to be fulfilled. The School Committee member and former Budget Board mem- ber laid out a number of goals in 2017 aimed at improving the over- all appearance of the town. They included: • Identifying town and state prop- erty in need of improvement. • Coordinating with the Department of Public Works to implement projects, and allocating funding for an "improvement and part-time cleanup crew." • Finding key locations in each village of Lincoln to implement an improvement project, such as a stone wall or garden spot. • Planting at least 50 trees to replace those that have been cut down. • And soliciting help from mem- bers of the community, including local scout groups and nonprofits. He identified multiple sites for potential improvement, includ- ing Barney Pond, the Saylesville Mill area, and Front Street, where he hoped to create a more "Main Street" feel. At the time McManus developed the Lincoln 2020 plan, he said he was working full time and unable to lead the cause. He was unsuc- cessful in recruiting someone to take the lead, and the project did not progress as planned. "While there were several local clean- ups in Manville, Saylesville, Lonsdale and Fairlawn, the larger plan was not implemented," McManus said, adding that four years later, "There is still a sig- nificant opportunity to improve the appearance in the town." There may be good news on the horizon for his plan. McManus said the Lincoln Conservation Commission and the newly formed Lincoln Cleanup Crew are joining forces on an "appearance improvement and beau- tification effort" that lines up with his Lincoln 2020 goals. "I have reviewed my Lincoln 2020 ideas with the groups and they align with their goals and objectives," he said. "Members of the Conservation Commission joined the Budget Board meeting last week to present their plan and it was met with a posi- tive response." He said both groups feel energized to act, and are formalizing plans to improve the overall appearance of the town. Similar to his Lincoln 2020 plan, he said they're looking to outline areas of opportunity and begin work- ing as soon as next month on certain projects. "I believe this new energy with the Conservation Commission will be able to make a significant impact on the appearance and life in Lincoln," he said. "I support their efforts and thank them for taking on this chal- lenge." Lincoln's beautification effort might finally have momentum By NICOLE DOTZENROD Valley Breeze Staff Writer MCMANUS APRIL 2 Boston Paquette, Happy 13th, Boston! You're an official teenager. Love, Mom APRIL 4 Happy Birthday, Lauren Clem! From all your friends at The Valley Breeze! Happy Birthday, Dad/Arthur!! Love, the girls, the Kissiks, LeBlancs and pets Liana Molitor, loving Happy 26th Birthday wishes to our amazing and beautiful daughter! Love, Ma and Dad OXOX APRIL 5 Linda Deacon, Happy Birthday, to the best wife in the world! Love, Dave Happy Birthday, Grandma Deacon! Love, Jake Happy Birthday, Grandma Deacon! Love, Maddy APRIL 7 Kathy Jarry, Happy Birthday! Love, Gerry Chance Paquette, Happy 11th Birthday, Chance A Roo! Love you more! Flash Mom APRIL 9 Happy Birthday to the coolest Evan ever! Love, Laurie, Arthur, Hailey, Grace and Brewski Happy Birthday, Evan! Love, Mom, Dad, Jared and Molly Evan LeBlanc, HBD, Evan, thanks we needed another #12! Love, UncleEvan LeBlanc, a super grand- son! Happy 12th Birthday! Love, Grandma and Grandpa Kissik APRIL 12 Jayce Winiavski, Happy Birthday to the best fiancé on the planet! Love, Richard Loverboy Risko APRIL 13 Madison Forrest, Happy 20th Birthday to our favorite granddaugh- ter! Love, Mema and Poppi APRIL 14 Happy Birthday, Rhea Bouchard Powers! From all your friends at The Valley Breeze! Lise Barnett, Happy Birthday, Gramma! Love, Lydia! Happy Birthday, Lise Barnett, from all your friends at The Valley Breeze! Ava Jocelyn Simonelli, 6, Happy Birthday to our sweet granddaughter! Love, Babci and Papa Ava Jocelyn Simonelli, Happy 6th Birthday – love you very much! Mom, Dad and Olivia Doris Bourassa, Happy 100th Birthday! We love you, Peter, Stetvan, Erin, Kara, and Justin Memere Bourassa, Happy 100th Birthday! Love, Joshua, Lauran, Grace, Catherine and Theo Gram Bourassa, Happy 100th Birthday! Love Ean, Alex, Abby, Ben, Jacob, Katie and Sophia Gram Bourassa, Happy 100th!, Enjoy the day, love the Pancake Man Gram Bourassa, Happy 100th Birthday! Read your Valley Breeze! Love, Bonnie Gram Bourassa, Happy 100th Birthday! With much faith, hope and love, Deanna Memere Bourassa, Happy 100th! Eat some soup! Love, your favorite chef Doris Bourassa, Happy 100th Birthday! Enjoy the Cheez Doodles! Love, Peg Doris Bourassa, Happy 100th Birthday! Butter makes every better! Love, the Day Old Donut Doris Bourassa, blessings for a very Happy Birthday! from Heaven above! APRIL 19 Elsa Corbeille, Happy 9th Birthday! Love, Pepere and Memere APRIL 22 Chase Corbeille, Happy 7th Birthday! Love, Pepere and Memere APRIL 23 Myles Molitor, loving Happy 75th Birthday wishes to a wonderful hus- band and dad! Love, wife, Debbie and daughter, Liana OX. APRIL 24 Meghan Elizabeth Welsh, Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaugh- ter, 21, wow! APRIL 28 Jo Ann Reilly, best wishes on your special day! THE BIRTHDAY CLUB Shop Competitive Shop Local • Shop Smart Congratulations to all rhode island all state & Mass. distriCt students! Especially those below whom study at Rick's Musical Instruments: Especially those below whom study at Rick's Musical Instruments: Senior Trumpet Instructor Dave Bergeron Nicholas Soares #1 Jasmin Dowling #5 Andrew Orlando #16 Junior Trumpet Instructor Dave Bergeron Joey Lezon #13 Senior Flute Instructor Pamela Ryan-Landry John Patita #7 Meghan Stevens #10 Abby Sevegny #15 Junior Flute Instructor Pamela Ryan-Landry Teaghan Derfler-Murphy Senior Saxophone Instructor James Mullen Aedan Derfler-Murphy - Alto Saxophone Junior Percussion: Instructor Rob Martin Ty Messier #4 Junior Clarinet Instructor Katelain Tavares Lorelei Archambault #15

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