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CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | APRIL 1-7, 2021 LETTERS 21 My respect for The Breeze is based in personal experience I met Tom Ward many years ago, long before there was even the dream of The Valley Breeze, Tom just starting out at The Call when we met, me the staff photographer for the old Cumberland News Leader. Tom and I quickly became friends, a friendship I have treasured to this day. I have great admiration for Tom and what he accomplished for our community with The Valley Breeze, and the eventual purchase of The Valley Breeze & Observer, which had, ironically, purchased the old Cumberland News Leader, and had, for all intents and purposes, stopped coverage of Cumberland/Lincoln news. Shortly after I retired, Tom took me on to deliver The Breeze, first doing Pawtucket, then Cumberland and Lincoln, and eventually, Woonsocket and North Smithfield. Had I never fully realized just how popular The Breeze was, I came to realize it every Thursday. God help me if I were late in getting to my stops. The residents were out wait- ing for me and my delivery of The Breeze. During this time, I also got to meet the entire staff, Tom having surrounded himself with the best people possible. Paul Dubois doing sports, Barbara Phinney in the office, Karen Buckley in advertising, Rhonda Hanson out front as recep- tionist, etc. And there was also this somewhat new reporter, a young kid by the name of Ethan Shorey. Ethan, also on Thursdays, and to earn a few extra dollars, delivered editions of The Breeze. I got to know Ethan very well, more so I developed a tremendous amount of respect for him. You see I had had four heart attacks. The weight was becoming too much for me to load my vehicle. Ethan, real- izing this old guy's predicament, took it upon himself to help me load my vehicle. Truth be known, he pretty much completely loaded it, this being something to this day that I have never forgotten. This also is something I felt Breeze readers should know about, as it further tells what kind of a person our editor is. Tom Ward, becoming aware of my situation, decided it best (lest I have a fifth heart attack) that I no longer deliver The Breeze, and used me in other capacities. For me, last week's edition of The Breeze, celebrating its 25th anniversa- ry, reminded me of all of this, more- so of Ethan, a person more than qualified, in all respects, as newly promoted editor-in-chief, to take The Breeze to even greater heights in its future. TOM LETOURNEAU Cumberland Remembering Kimberly Dupre As Kimberly Dupre's birthday nears, I want her to be remembered as more than just a victim of tragedy. Life wasn't always kind to Kim, but, to her credit, she always tried to rise above the hurt and move on. Kim did not suffer fools – but, because of her life experiences, she was compassionate to what oth- ers were going through ... and she befriended a diverse group of indi- viduals. Kim was a lifelong caregiver – to her grandparents, to her aunt, to her many friends in need and to those she cared for as an aide in a group home. Her caregiving came naturally – and she found such joy in it. On what should have been her scheduled Fourth of July holiday off, she and her husband, Mark, had a barbecue and entertained the group home cli- ents. On one group outing, Kim, another aide and the clients were enjoying lunch at a restaurant. The waitress told Kim that a gentle- man across the room had paid for all their meals. Kim went to thank him and he told her that he was so impressed at the care and respect that was shown at that table. Kim could only retell that story with tears in her eyes. Kim Dupre had a good heart – she truly cared for her family, her clients, her friends and those in need. I hope that on her birthday, Kim and Mark are sitting on the beach, lis- tening to their jazzy blues and feeling the warmth of the sun – knowing they are missed and loved. NANCY PRIMIANO Cumberland Gilbert: Council's stance on gun control is disappointing To the Lincoln Town Council: President Keith Macksoud, Arthur Russo Jr., Kenneth Pichette, Pamela Azar, Bruce Ogni, I can't begin to tell you how disap- pointed I am in all of you for your stance on gun control. You have all agreed to oppose at least six of the bills in the R.I. House Judiciary Committee dealing with gun control. Do you really believe that prohibiting my neighbor from own- ing an Uzi infringes on your hunting rights? How does owning an assault rifle help defend one's household, Ken? How does preventing someone from buying a gun for an ineligible person infringe on the rights of law- abiding citizens, Bruce? How does permitting concealed weapons in schools increase the cost of unfunded mandates, Keith? Why are you in favor of allowing high capacity feeding devices of more than 10 rounds, Arthur? And you, Pamela, as my represen- tative, have lost my support in what seems like a repudiation of everything you campaigned for. Shame. BARRY GILBERT Lincoln Cumberland Yellow Bag Day sponsored by The Valley Breeze, will be Saturday, APRIL 10 th from 8 a.m. to noon * (Begins at noon in Manville) If you can help for a few hours, please contact – CUMBERLAND: Breeze Founder Tom Ward, MANVILLE: Councilman Ken Pichette,, or (401) 762-5917. Can you help remove litter From our messy roadsides? VOLUNTEERS NEEDED * While the "official" time is 8 a.m. to noon, help is welcome at all times convenient to volunteers on both Saturday and Sunday, April 10 and 11. Yellow Bags, donated by The Valley Breeze, are to be le curbside when filled and will be picked up in Cumberland by the town Highway Department on Monday, April 12.

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