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22 LETTER / NORTH PROVIDENCE MARCH 31-APRIL 6, 2021 | VALLEY BREEZE | NORTH PROVIDENCE EDITION School's football field seems to be maintaining its spot atop just about everyone's list, said Lombardi. "It's a mess, and it just keeps stick- ing out," he said. That project, now in discussions for years, should cost upward of $2 mil- lion, he said. The town and its schools are receiv- ing a total of about $9.44 million from the American Rescue Plan, and must spend the money within three years. As Lombardi has emphasized, officials can't fill existing budget gaps with the money, but must find new investments. Council President Dino Autiello said Monday that he currently sees two main priorities for the money: Investing in a planned new animal shelter and investing in recreation spaces. Officials have talked until they're "blue in the face" on the topic of the shel- ter, he said, and this could help end all that back and forth. On recreation, Autiello said he agrees with Lombardi about the need for investing in the foot- ball field. He said he also met with a couple of baseball coaches to tour local baseball facilities. "I think overall recreational is where it should be invested," said Autiello. He said he understood the condi- tion the baseball fields are in before he visited them, knowing that not much improvement has been made in the 20 years since he himself was playing on them. So many youth are using these fields, said Autiello, and this influx of money gives the town the chance to finally make the invest- ment needed to make them safer and more easily playable. side of that building as well as the newer Pizza Hut plaza next door. Grieco's application to the town is for master plan approval for a major land development. He's seek- ing a recommendation to the Town Council for a zone change from com- mercial professional and R-8 zoning to commercial general. The applica- tion is also requesting a comprehen- sive plan amendment to the future land use map from professional office and medium low-density residential to commercial general. Five lots are included in the appli- cation. Grieco's proposed commercial buildings aren't far from the town's former public safety complex, which Lombardi has signed a purchase and sales agreement on. Given the increasing supply of plaza spaces available on Mineral Spring Avenue, combined with a softer market, the mayor is encouraging larger stand- alone businesses such as Chick-fil-A at the safety complex site. Across from the safety complex, developer Anthony Manzo is also creating a new commercial complex. Grieco is seeking to have the town abandon Utica Street and Martin Avenue, which run along each side of the property at 1601 Mineral Spring Ave. The roads running between Mineral Spring Avenue and Dutchess Avenue receive little use, and neigh- bors have indicated support for see- ing them incorporated into the new complex. Town Planner Brent Wiegand said Monday that the Town Council has continued delaying a vote on the abandonment petition after a positive recommendation from planning, as they want to see the master plan for the project first. Wiegand said he expects some sort of coffee shop with a drive-thru in the center building of the complex, as well as a bank. There will be parking both along Mineral Spring Avenue and between the buildings, he said. Town Council President Dino Autiello said the delays on the abandonment haven't been on the council's end, as it's been the attorney for the developer asking for the post- ponements. That said, the council does want to see the master plan first before agreeing to give up the roads, he said. Autiello said he fully supports the project to make a more aestheti- cally pleasing scene particularly in moving the building away from the neighborhood behind. He said some residents nearby had some concerns about what might happen if the road abandonment takes place and the developer then changes his proposal, and though the town has had noth- ing but good experiences with this developer, that sort of scenario is not outside the realm of possibility. He said he expects the abandonment to pass the council once members see the approved master plan. Grieco has been outstanding in working with neighbors, said Autiello, assuring them that he'll install a vegetative buffer and even telling them they can pick out aspects of the landscaping if they wish. The Valley Breeze is committed to keeping quality news stories like this one free to our readers. You can be a huge part of this local journalism success story by making a one-time or monthly contribution to what we do every week at port. Thank you as always for reading. COMMERCIAL From Page One RECREATION From Page One AUTIELLO The teaching of 'grammar' and its downslope ... What's happening to our educa- tional system? Let's focus on the subject of the English grammar – it's defined as "descriptive linguis- tics." When learning the "parts-of- speech," one was taught how to use nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. ... to form a sen- tence. The "adjective" is one of the main grammatical characteristics, i.e., the modifier, the change word. It's also described as: discernible; recognizable; identifiable; detect- able; divisible; separable, etc. ... These days, "adjectives and pro- nouns" are the two items which are the most misconstrued, thus peo- ple's lack of grammatical skills are then easily detectable when hearing them speak or write. We all have our own thought processes regarding the meaning of words. There are, however, certain people and groups who attempt to "brainwash" individuals into believ- ing their own depiction of certain words by using euphemisms. Without sounding political, we all know where this letter is heading to, right? Yes, it's regarding the con- cept and definitions of "racism" and how it's often used to split us apart. Let's begin with "adjectives." For instance, the word "color" is described as a visual aspect which produces different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light. Color also indicates the pigmentation of the skin, especially as an indication of someone's race. It is discernible, recognizable, identifiable, etc. ... Now, what is so "racist" about identifying a person by its color – unless the person is, or would be, disrespected when doing so? Pigmentation of the skin, is an indi- cation of someone's race. Common sense is that unless one is blind, he/she can reasonably denote a person's race. We do recognize that these distinguishing factors can be, and have been, quite provocative for certain individuals at times. Whether a person is white, black, brown, yellow, etc. ... he/she should be judged by his/her personal demeanor and not by his/her color! People are profoundly different, but what's happening today is that cer- tain political individuals and groups have used the racial variants to cre- ate our distressful and wide-open society. The white race is another device which is now being used to instill more racism! There is no doubt that our coun- try is suffering from enhanced rac- ism, the reason being that it's being used as a "tactical tool" to promote a Socialist agenda. Although worst in certain areas, this agenda has become quite rampant throughout our country and, very sadly, it's working quite well! Second, the "pronoun" – it's now being misused as an "adjective" by certain sexual groups to describe their various sexual identities, but that is a topic for another day! There are no simple answers in how to try to resolve these situ- ations, and the ongoing decline of our educational system cer- tainly hasn't helped. Things could improve regarding racism if people would only make the effort to accept each other as allies vs. ene- mies in order to protect each other and our country. Remember – "Certain political groups can induce a raw power- grab masquerading as racial jus- tice." Don't be fooled! AMEN! PAULINE M DEMERS Woonsocket Demers is a member of the Woonsocket Racist Policies Review Advisory Board Coutu earns quality service award PAWTUCKET – Edward Stachurski, broker/owner of Century 21 Stachurski Agency announced that Century 21 Real Estate LLC recently recognized sales affiliate Kathleen Coutu with the Century 21 2020 Quality Service Pinnacle Producer Award. The annual award is based on results from the Century 21 Quality Service Survey which is e-mailed to consum- ers immediately after the purchase or sale of a home. To earn the Century 21 Quality Service Pinnacle Producer Award, an agent must receive com- pleted customer surveys for at least 50 percent of their transactions surveyed from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, with an aver- age survey score of at least 95 percent or better for two consecutive years. Coutu will receive a customized glass trophy, in addition to being recognized at the Century 21 Global Conference. BUSINESS BRIEF

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