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PAWTUCKET EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | FEBRUARY 17-23, 2021 IN OUR SCHOOLS 15 and was jumping up and down, she said. "He needs it," she said, previ- ously telling The Breeze that Gianni has ADHD and trouble focusing on the computer. He said he misses being at school and seeing his friends. During the School Committee meeting, Jade Marulanda spoke on behalf of parents who are under- served in the community, including herself. She said the current virtual model isn't working for her child or many other students in Pawtucket, adding that she's not calling for a push to get all students back in school. One size doesn't fit all, she said, and there are many kids who are falling behind and through the cracks, needing more structure. "Give back to the students," she said. "We need to make sure that we save our children and their educa- tion." Sandy Darosa, who has a kinder- gartner and 1st-grader in Pawtucket schools, said she was pleased with DESTINI CECERI and her husband, CHRIS, of Pawtucket, with their three children, clockwise from left, VINCENT, NICO, and GIANNI. RAYNA and TIM TOMASIAN, of Pawtucket, with their three children, from left, ALAYNA, DEAN, and AUBREY. When ALAYNA TOMASIAN, a 1st-grader at Varieur Elementary School, pictured here virtually learning at home, found out that she could return to the classroom next month, her mom said she smiled from ear to ear. the School Committee's decision to give parents a choice of how their children can attend school. "We wanted a fair option also," she said of parents who wanted to send their children back into the classroom. While her kindergartner was able to return to school, her 1st-grader was upset he had to participate in virtual learning from home. "My 1st-grader being in school is the best option for him," she said, adding that she believes her child isn't receiving a high-quality education virtually. "He's definitely going to benefit from it. … He's super excited about it. He misses school." Having to drop her younger child off for 9 a.m. and be home with her other child, whose classes started at 9 a.m., was also impossible. "It wasn't working at all," she said. REACTIONS From Page 9 In your time of need, The Valley Breeze will print your loved one's full obituary for a small charge. The paper also places the obituary on our web site,, as soon as it is provided to us by your family's funeral director. Notification to friends and neighbors is also made weekdays on WOON-AM radio announcements. Should you desire our services, kindly inform your funeral director. The full charge is $99, or $138 for lengthy obituaries, in the edition of your choice. You may place the obituary in any of our other editions for $55 each. Thank you. OBITUARIES answers We provide Free Video Live Stream for any Service

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