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VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION | NOVEMBER 19-25, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT 25 'Freaky' combines laughs and jumps for a scary good time HHHH Over the last couple of months as I return weekly to Cinemaworld in Lincoln and wave to the few employees staffing the counter and stop to converse with them, I glance around at the empty lobby and keep asking myself where everyone is. I do understand the economics of major distributors holding back their "big" films they've invested so much into since they know they're not going to recoup their money now in light of the pandemic. Last week, while I was interested in checking out "Jungleland" with Charlie Hunnam, which was filmed on location in Fall River, Mass., I instead opted to check out "Freaky" and it's a decision I'm glad I made. "Freaky" is from Blumhouse Films, which over the last few years has been releasing smart, small budget horror films that have been scoring at the box office. "Get Out," "The Invisible Man" and "Fantasy Island" are just a few of their recent hits and "Freaky" definitely fits the mold of another potential win for executive producer Jason Blum. Interestingly, launching after Halloween and before Thanksgiving, "Freaky" takes place in the small town of Blissfield leading up to homecoming weekend. The film opens with the predictable setup of four teens drinking and hanging out at one girl's house, talking about the "Butcher," a deranged socio- path who has been murdering kids since the nineties. Without fail, the Butcher (Vince Vaughn) shows up and dispatches the quartet in a grue- some and bloody way. He also grabs an ornate knife from the house that has ties to ancient Mayan culture. Then we meet the cute but shy and bullied Millie (Kathryn Newton) who is struggling to fit in but thankfully has two great friends in Josh (Misha Osherovich) and Nyla (Celeste O'Connor). Millie is secretly crushing on one of the football players, Booker Strode (Uriah Shelton). He is her partner in shop class which is run by Mr. Fletcher (Alan Ruck) who isn't too keen on Millie either. There's also an annoying class gossip queen, Ryler (Melissa Collazo) who posts everything on TikTok whether she's actually friends with people or not. The setup for revenge is plated early and when Millie is attacked after the big game by the Butcher and there's some sort of magical mix-up; the next morning the pair wake up having swapped bodies, Butcher in Millie's and vice versa. This is where the real fun begins and the film gains traction. The teen girl in a grown man's body invites all sorts of laughs and one super cringeworthy moment with her football crush. Vaughn is absolutely hilarious here acting like a 17-year- old girl, batting his eyes and coping with a lack of strength he no longer has. The Butcher is stuck in Millie's body and is soon lashing out at everybody at the high school that has done her wrong. There are some great callbacks to many classic hor- ror films too. Booker's last name is Strode ( Jamie Lee Curtis' character from "Halloween") and most of the murders use weapons that Michael Myers, Jason and Leatherface used in their films. Millie's two best friends also provide some great comic relief. There's a ton of laughs and an equal number of jump scares in this. "Freaky" is easily one of the best films I've seen in the last few months. The film is rated R. Film Unfiltered TOM BURKE KATHRYN NEWTON, left, and VINCE VAUGHN star in the body-swapping comedy thriller "Freaky." ACROSS 1. Autonomic ner- vous system 4. At or near the stern 7. Adenosine triphos- phate 10. Polynesian gar- land of flowers 11. Chinese revolu- tionary 12. Green veggie 13. Large group 15. Swiss river 16. Semiaquatic mammal 19. Wrongdoers 21. Home to Disney World 23. Spanish doctors 24. Newborn child 25. Absence of difficulty 26. Large, stocky lizard 27. Earned top billing 30. A long wander- ing and eventful journey 34. Water (French) 35. Brew 36. Winged horse 41. A usually malig- nant tumor 45. Alfred __, Ameri- can actor 46. Austrian river 47. A reminder of past events 50. Connected with 54. Status 55. Dean residence 56. Egyptian city 57. Boxing's GOAT 59. Straits along the Red Sea 60. "The Partridge Family" actress Susan 61. Get some color 62. Facilitates hearing 63. Commercials 64. A team's best pitcher 65. Patti Hearst's captors DOWN 1. Speak up 2. More informative 3. Where passengers sit 4. Gathered 5. Supervises flying 6. Home of the Blue Jays 7. Public statement of regret 8. Lockjaw 9. Indian city 13. Patriots' Newton 14. Relative biologi- cal effectiveness (abbr.) 17. Sun up in New York 18. Eggs in female fish 20. Stood up 22. NBA legend Willis 27. Calendar month (abbr.) 28. Exercise regimen __-bo 29. The 8th month (abbr.) 31. __ Paulo, city 32. Tall deciduous tree 33. Affirmative 37. Notified of danger 38. NFL game days 39. Archaic term for "to" 40. Plant pores 41. Canned fish 42. Phil __, former CIA 43. Connects with 44. Of the skull 47. Time zone (abbr.) 48. When you hope to get there 49. Hindu goddess 51. Land 52. Pitching stat 53. Field force unit 58. Lakers' cross- town rivals Answers to this week's crossword puzzle can be found on page 29. Thanksgiving Dinner 2020 To Go At Your House! New England Steak and Seafood ~ Announces ~ Turkey with all the fixins Fresh Birds • Never Frozen Cooked or ready to cook with reheating and cooking directions "Let us do the work for you." Call 508•478•0871 NOTE: PLEASE ORDER EARLY!! Please look for our Christmas Dinner To Go Special All orders must be in by November 23rd and picked upon November 26th between 11 a.m. & 2 p.m. $ 325 00 $ 185 00 Approx. 22-24 lb. Turkey Approx. 12-14 lb. 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