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30 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2020 | THE VALLEY BREEZE experts expected to tend to emergencies. • Wounded warriors: Service member who was injured during the time they served. Consider drafting a letter to a few or all of these categories as they all play a significant role in today's military. Writing tips Operation Gratitude urges contributors to omit the date or year within the letter. They also ask that discussions regarding politics are limited. Instead, place your focus on telling the service member about yourself. You should talk about your family, hobbies or a favorite pet. Converse on routine topics like sport- ing events, movies or delicious food. Don't forget to thank them for their unselfish service and list your first name and address. Many soldiers like to respond to a letter in their downtime, potentially creating a lifelong pen pal. SERVICE From Page 26 Decorate early to lift spirits in 2020's unusual holiday season This year has been one crazy thing after another. To lift people's spirits, some folks have put up their Christmas decorations a bit early to add some cheer to the neigh- borhood. Heather Johnson is one person who decided that Christmas could come early this year. "I couldn't stop thinking about how something so small like Christmas lights can lift people's spirits during such a dif- ficult time," she told E! News. "It's some- thing easy (and pretty) homes can do to display hope." There's even a hashtag for the trend: #lightsforlife. Brands got in on the trend, too. Anheuser-Busch turned on an elaborate display at their St. Louis headquarters. "We've been inspired by Americans decorating their homes with holiday lights in the spirit of togetherness. We are proud to join in and turn the holiday lights on every night at our house," the company said in a statement. Hallmark also turned on the tap of Christmas movies, and local stations such as Lite Rock 105 made the move to Christmas music early. According to the BBC, the trend has crossed the pond. Residents of Europe are putting up lights, trees and the whole nine yards. "The children look to us for how we respond to things like this," said Emma Dickinson in England. "We don't have much control about what is going on out- side of the house but we can control what is going on inside our house, so why not have some fun?" Elisabeth Forsythe is a social worker in England who was concerned about people's state of minds, particularly the elderly, who may already struggle with isolation. "With the current climate, everyone is feeling down, stressed and anxious and I thought, 'What can I do to help cheer everyone up?' There are a lot of elderly people in my community who are self-iso- lating and they might not have mobiles or the technology to connect with people," she said. "In the evenings, they can open the curtains and see the light and that sense of community." Green Shoot Media. © 2020 Green Shoot Media. © 2020

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