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8 ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL OCTOBER 15-21, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE | CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION need to be prioritized. "We're worried that we won't receive any federal aid, and our lead- ers haven't decided for us to meet to discuss what will happen if we don't get that money," Paolino said. "We need to think about Plan B. Taking care of the deficit will be my number- one priority." As a member of the minority party, Paolino said he's also been given the opportunity to sit on a number of committees, including the COVID-19 Task Force and Finance Committee. "My opponent, if elected, would be another Democrat at the bottom of the totem pole, unable to have a seat at the table," he said. Barr said the state needs a senator who isn't afraid to make cuts, while Paolino said he'd be in favor of zero- based budgeting "where we ask what these departments need and go from there to finalize a budget that can be met." Many are hurting right now, said Barr. "Some people say the virus hasn't impacted them financially, but there are a lot of people out there who don't know how they're going to make their mortgage or utility payments. If something isn't done, 2021 is going to bring financial ruin to so many people in this district that we haven't seen in the likes of 30 years." He added that he doesn't see his opponent rising to the challenge. "He's on the COVID task force, but I haven't seen anything productive come out of that yet." Barr also raised concern with a recent mailer sent by the Rhode Island GOP, which included informa- tion about Paolino's campaign in an envelope labeled "Mail Voter Ballot Information." The Office of the R.I. Secretary of State posted on Twitter that they had received complaints about the mailer's confusing return address and ballot- like materials. Paolino said he was very surprised by the response to the mailer. "Even if you thought it was some- thing ballot-related, when you open it up it's pretty obvious that it's a piece of mail from me. It was obviously not my intention to mislead voters in any way, I just wanted to make sure people who had requested mail bal- lots had a chance to see my material before casting their vote," he said. Barr said he was disappointed that the mailer also included a line about his opponent supporting certain pieces of the Affordable Care Act after voting against it. "That's blatantly misleading. He made that vote, now he needs to own it. You don't get to create your own set of alternative facts. It's the type of politics people don't appreciate right now. People want to be dealt with honestly," he said. Barr said he has the "experience, maturity and integrity" to better serve District 17. Asked why he has earned another term at the Statehouse, Paolino said he's an involved member of the community who will continue to put people over politics. "The past four years in office have provided me with the experience nec- essary to be the voice of the district," Paolino said, giving his constituents "a seat at the table" to advocate for their needs. "I'm always accessible, I give out my cell and I'm always available for questions, comments or concerns. I look forward to hearing from people. I'm a public servant and I'm here to serve my community." BARR From Page 6 LINCOLN TOWN COUNCIL Lees hoping to return to Town Council LINCOLN – Dean Lees, who pre- viously served as councilor for three terms, is seeking the District 3 council seat in Lincoln, serving Lime Rock and Fairlawn. Lees, who served as council president during his previ- ous tenure, said he "is best noted for Continues on next page

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