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SMITHFIELD SCITUATE FOSTER GLOCESTER | VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER | OCTOBER 15-21, 2020 ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL 9 McCormick running again for Town Council SCITUATE – Tim McCormick, a Republican and a Scituate resident for more than 30 years, said he is running for re-election to the Town Council. As a member of the council, McCormick said he's served on the Board of the League of Cities and Towns and is the liaison for the Providence Water Supply Board. He has been actively involved in many civic groups and volunteer organiza- tions including the Scituate Lions Club, St. Joseph Church (as finance committee chairman), North Scituate Public Library (as past president), and Rhode Island Meals on Wheels (as a Continues on page 10 From preceding page Hummel would restructure budget without raising taxes SCITUATE – Sacha Hummel, a lifelong Scituate resident, is running for Town Council as a Democrat. Over the next few weeks, Hummel said he will be sharing some of the critical issues that he is eager to address if elected to the council. One of his major initiatives is to look into restructuring the town bud- get to balance without raising taxes, he said. "This will begin with a heavy audit of what is necessary and needed in the current budget," he said. "There are often allocated funds in the budget that go unused. By closely examining what is truly needed, Scituate can reallocate funds to areas that need more attention." Marcello vows to turn the lights back on in Scituate SCITUATE – It is time to turn the streetlights back on in Scituate, says Michael Marcello, Democratic candi- date for Scituate Town Council. "More than a decade ago, the Town Council decided to turn off a major- ity of our streetlights in town as a cost savings measure, but more than a decade later it is time to revisit the issue," Marcello said. Since Scituate turned the lights off, the state has passed the Municipal Parker pledges to make government work for everyone SCITUATE – Scituate Town Council candidate Terrell Parker, a Democrat, said he promises to add a fresh and much needed perspective to the council if elected. "Right now, we're seeing a town council that is hindered by group- think," he said. "We have one-party rule that discourages dissent, account- ability, and innovative ideas. ... I won't be afraid to speak candidly, hold other Town Council members accountable and do what it takes to create a long-term plan for lasting positive change in our town." Noting that some residents have reached out to him regarding acces- sibility in government, Parker said, "It's alarming that some members of our community feel discouraged from going to our current administration to voice their concerns. I pledge that if elected, I will ensure that the govern- ment is working for everyone, not just the people who voted me in." riences: strategic planning, on-time execution of objectives, multimillion- dollar budgeting, human resource issues and bipartisan problem solving. "I am a fiscal conservative with progressive ideas on how govern- ment should assist humanity. I sup- port decisions to keep Scituate fis- cally sound, its infrastructure up to date and taxes in line with Scituate's required services and voters' expecta- tions," Austin said Austin's immediate objectives are to create controls to ensure town projects are completed in a timely manner and within budget, test 2019 Capital Committee Report conclu- sions as many may not use cost/ben- efit analysis, and initiate a three-year business plan to bring continuity to town planning. past board member), he noted. McCormick recently retired as an equity analyst at Bank of NY Mellon. Street Lights Act, which gives cities and towns flexibility in dealing with National Grid, including the ability to own the streetlight posts, which was not permissible many years ago, he noted. In addition, technological advancements like LED lighting has greatly decreased the electric usage and cost of lighting streets. "Turning lights on not only makes our streets safer, it also improves the quality of life for all our residents," he said. Delaere vows to work on town's comprehensive plan SCITUATE – As a member of the Town Council, Donald Delaere Jr., a Democrat, says he intends to make the update and completion of the town's comprehensive plan a top pri- ority. "The town's comprehensive plan is the document that drives our zoning and planning boards, and it needs to be updated to ensure that Scituate's future development is line with the expectations and values of its resi- dent's," he said. "Our comprehensive plan is seri- ously out of date," he added. "Too many years have passed with no work on updating this plan, and we need to address this to help our town to move into the 21st century. Past councils haven't made this update a priority, but it will be mine." The former chief vowed to work on the plan if given the opportunity to continue to serve his community, and is asking the public to support him in that goal. Archetto calls for attention to town villages SCITUATE – Scituate Town Council candidate Debra Archetto, a Democrat, called for a renewed focus and attention to the Scituate villages as a source of economic activity. "Our villages were once the social

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