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6 CUMBERLAND JULY 30-AUGUST 5, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE | CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION CUMBERLAND – School officials are considering a recommendation to change the geographic limits that kin- dergarten students would need to live outside of to get busing services. The change, from a quarter-mile to three quarters of a mile, would be consis- tent with the policy for grades 1-5. Supt. Bob Mitchell told the School Committee at a forum on July 21 that school officials learned during the process of drafting the change to new walking distances that there are 486 students across all grade levels who live within walking distance of a school but are currently getting bus services. A number of students currently receive busing for safety reasons, such as living on Nate Whipple Highway or Scott Road, where there are no easy routes, and those students will continue to get busing unless their parents decide to help the district and bring their children to school in the 2020-2021 year. There are definitely some streets that are not safe to walk, said Mitchell. School Committee member Karen Freedman said she lives off Pound Road, which is within walking dis- tance of Cumberland High School, but her children were always bused because of their location. Asked ear- lier this year whether she would take advantage of busing in 2020-2021, Freedman said she said no because she knew the issues the district would be facing with busing. Freedman said she's asking other parents to seek alternate ways to bring children to school, particularly if they're in a similar situation where they're within walking distance, to help the district get through a chal- lenging year. She said there will be big challenges getting students to school and doing so on time. Standards for middle school busing are for students to live outside 1.5 miles from a school, and for CHS the standard is two miles. The COVID-19 pandemic is caus- ing school leaders to completely rethink busing for 2020-2021, said Mitchell. The committee last week tabled a vote on the change to its Aug. 6 meeting. Part of the difficulty facing the dis- trict, said Chairman Paul DiModica, is that the Rhode Island Department of Education still hasn't given an answer on how many students can be on a school bus. Also a challenge is the town's lack of walkability. "We're a town without sidewalks," he said. Mitchell last week asked the school board to consider his recommenda- tion to change the policy so students School board set to lengthen students' walking distances By ETHAN SHOREY Valley Breeze Editor CUMBERLAND – School offi- cials, already dealing with the com- plexities of fitting students on buses based on distancing rules this fall, say they're very concerned about the ongoing lack of a contract for staff at busing company Durham School Services. Today, July 30, school bus drivers, monitors and bus aides employed by Durham will hold a rally outside of Cumberland High School. The employees, who service Cumberland public schools, Blackstone Valley Prep and Providence Mayoral Academy, formed their union with UFCW Local 328 last September "to address critical issues that impact both safety and service for their communities." "For years, these workers have wit- nessed a revolving door of employ- ment, which has led to a number of safety concerns including understaff- ing, drivers often having to operate buses without essential monitors on board, and bus crowding which leads to disruptions in service for our com- munities," states a release. "Disappointingly, Durham School Services refused to meet through virtual meetings the entire month of July and has agreed to only one meeting date on Aug. 4," it adds. "We find their lack of urgency deeply troubling as we approach the reopen- ing of school. This rally is to call on Durham School Services to act as a better community partner when fami- lies need it most." School Committee Chairman Paul DiModica said school and town offi- cials are very nervous about how the contract negotiations might impact the start of school, particularly if there's a strike. Sen. Ryan Pearson, all local state representatives, as well as school board members Jennifer Bernardo Durham contract dispute adds bigger challenge to busing By ETHAN SHOREY Valley Breeze Editor See WALKING, Page 8 See DURHAM, Page 8 HARMONY HILL SCHOOL – FORMER STUDENTS NOTICE OF FILE REDUCTION Persons who were students at Harmony Hill School and discharged between 1/1/2011 and 12/31/2012 are herewith notified that effective August 28, 2020, files detailing your placement at Harmony Hill will be reduced. If you wish to review or obtain documentation before your file is reduced, please make contact before August, 21, 2020. Write to Department of Student Records, Harmony Hill School, 63 Harmony Hill Road, Chepachet, RI 02814. The undersigned, Tax Collector of the Cumberland Fire District, Town of Cumberland, hereby gives notice that he will sell at public auction to the highest bidder at the District Office, 3502 Mendon Road, Cumberland, Rhode Island, on the 24TH day of AUGUST, 2020, at 11:00 A.M. Local Time, the following described parcels of real estate (for the levy upon which notice is hereby given) or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the taxes and/or assessments which constitute a lien thereon, together with costs and interest thereon, and the costs and charges incident to this sale. Each of the following described parcels of real estate will be sold for the payment of the taxes assessed. Information as to the nature of the said taxes and the amounts due on the several parcels may be obtained from the undersigned, and will be announced at the sale. For a more particular description of the said estates, reference is hereby made to the records and plats in the Office of the Clerk of the Town of Cumberland. Be advised that if your property in which you have a substantial interest is sold at tax sale, then you have one year to redeem it through the Collector's Office or through the tax sale purchaser by tendering the taxes paid, plus a ten percent penalty on the tax sale amount, plus one percent interest on the tax sale amount from the seventh month onward. After the passage of one year, you may exercise your right to redeem through the tax sale purchaser or his attorney, or, if a petition to foreclose your right of redemption has been filed in Superior Court, you may redeem through the Court until a final decree is entered forever foreclosing your right of redemption. NOTE: THIS SALE WILL BE CONDUCTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH ALL STATE RE- QUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS REGARDING COVID-19. PLEASE SEE CUMBER- LANDFIRE.ORG FOR DETAILED INFORMATION. THIS SALE SHALL BE HELD OUT- SIDE – RAIN OR SHINE. MASK REQUIRED. CUMBERLAND FIRE DISTRICT COLLECTOR'S SALE OF ESTATES FOR TAXES AND/OR ASSESSMENTS DUE AND UNPAID Assessors PLAT AND LoT No reAL esTATe LIABLe For PAYMeNT oF TAX PersoN AGAINsT WHoM reAL esTATe Is AssesseD 021-0423-000 30 BEAR HILL RD PERREAULT DENISE M ETVIR BARON JAMES F 058-0012-000 45 MIDDLE ST COLLINS THERESA J TRUSTEE 008-0117-000 331 MINERVA AVE LANDERS PETER K II 040-0002-000 331 NATE WHIPPLE HWY GERAGHTY TARA 059-0024-D02/14 80 FISHER RD GRADY DEBRA A 053-1524-B05/B5 10 LEACH ST #B5 SCOTT CYNTHIA 044-0012-000 206 NATE WHIPPLE HWY GORDON MICHAEL L 021-0130-000 7 RHODE ISLAND AVE BEALE JOHN L 054-0182-T08/2008 200 HEROUX BLVD, UNIT 2008 STOSS STEPHANIE 028-0090-000 8 THOMAS DR LYNCH TIMOTHY P ETUX TRACI L 051-0029-000 216 W WRENTHAM RD INSCOE EDWARD ETAL COPPOLA MICHELLE 054-0055-000 7-A & B BOYLE AVENUE GORDON MICHAEL L 058-0017-000 28-30 FRONT ST NOLAN DAVID 016-0319-000 1178 HIGH ST HAJVARI LLC ETAL GREENE STEPHEN ME 016-0320-000 234 MARSHALL AVE HAJVARI LLC ETAL GREENE STEPHEN M 017-0073-000 4 ANVIL DR BULPITT MARK J & WANDA I 034-0117-000 930 MENDON RD ADAMS CHRISTINE M 021-0297-000 65 VERMONT AVE CAMERON HECTOR J ETAL DEVON JESUS, AUTUMN L AND XAVIER J.- 003-0091-000 284 BROAD ST IACOVONE JUSTIN L ETUX SHELLEY M 054-0007-000 & 054-0008-000 75 MANVILLE HILL RD YUELE JONATHAN ETUX JO ANN 004-0034-000 104 MC GIRR ST MAMEDE ERIC B 059-0064-000 22 JASONS GRANT DR SIMAS CANDACE 021-0188-000 43 MASSACHUSETTS AVE PHOENIX THOMPSON ETAL RESERVOIR VENTURES II LLC 002-0017-000 32 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0162-000 16 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0163-000 14 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0165-000 12 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0166-000 10 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0167-000 8 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0168-000 6 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0177-000 23 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 002-0178-000 21 MEETING ST GATELY BILL 007-0461-000 27 DEXTER ST PINE STREET REALTY LLC 021-0850-000 57 SILO DR GOUVEIA NIKOLE LETAL GRIMES GREGORY W 034-0098-000 & 034-0251-000 1187 MENDON RD BEACH TOWER INVESTMENTS LLC 053-0106-000 3980 MENDON RD SOUSA CAROLS ETUX CARRIE 010-0119-000 222 MORRIS ST PEAK ALEXANDER D ETUX CHANTHANAVOG NIDDA B 039-0201-000 1331 MENDON RD VALLEY STREAM DEVELOPMENT CO 049-0008-000 200 PINE SWAMP RD GIARUSSO STEVEN C ETAL DONNA M TRUSTEES 003-0044-000 6 ELM ST ULLOA TAVAREZ JOSE 064-0001-000 154 BEAR HILL RD UNIT 306 BLAIR ROBERT ETUX ANNETTE 021-0781-000 16 NEW YORK AVE ESTATE OF DOROTHY A HULL 004-0260-000 4 LAFAYETTE AVE JOSEPH KOSMAN EMILIA KOSMAN 046-0056-000 1 GRANTS MILL RD LAWRENCE ANTHONY 049-0004-000 0 W WRENTHAM RD LAWRENCE TERRY C/O ELIOT T BRAIS ET AL RESERVOIR ADVENTURES, LLC 049-0016-000 196 PINE SWAMP RD LAWRENCE TERRY C/O ELIOT T BRAIS ET AL RESERVOIR ADVENTURES, LLC 049-0077-000 & 049-0078-000 23 GEORGIANA DR LAWRENCE TERRY C/O ELIOT T BRAIS ET AL RESERVOIR ADVENTURES, LLC 061-0009-000 165 PINE SWAMP RD LAWRENCE TERRY C/O ELIOT T BRAIS ET AL RESERVOIR ADVENTURES, LLC 065-0213-000 25 LEIGH RD PARADIS PIERRE 021-0488-000 7 DUKE RD WHITE STEVEN R ETUX SANDRA LYNN E

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