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SMITHFIELD SCITUATE FOSTER GLOCESTER EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER | JULY 2-8, 2020 POLITICS 5 GLOCESTER – At least two new faces are guaranteed on the Glocester Town Council next year as only three of the five incumbents are seek- ing re-election to another two-year term. Seven total candidates are running for the five-member council, includ- ing four Republicans and three inde- pendents. Candidates need to return nomination papers with qualified sig- natures by July 10 to get their names on the ballot. Incumbents Walter M. O. Steere III, Republican, Julian Forgue, Republican, and independent William Reichert will take a shot at another term on the council. Forgue began his first term on the council last year, joining four incum- bents. Steere was a member of the Glocester Planning Board from 2004 to 2008, the Glocester Land Trust from 2005 to 2008, and has been on the council since 2008. Reichert was on the council from 1998 to 2010, returning in 2012, where he was re-elected three times. Two other independents are joining the race, including David LaPlante and Michelle Allen. Allen ran for council last year and came in tied for last among nine candidates, still receiving 9.9 percent of the vote. Republicans Stephen Arnold and William Worthy will all take a run at council with party endorsements in hand. Worthy tied with Allen in 2018 while running as an independent. Republican Michael Chippendale will defend his House District 40 seat again this year after defeating opponent Lauren Niedel-Gresh, a Democrat, in the 2018 election with 62 percent of the vote. Chippendale has held the District 40 seat, representing Foster, Glocester, and western Coventry, for five terms, and is running for his sixth. This year, Democrat Linda Nichols, a 27-year Glocester resident, is taking on Chippendale after losing her campaign for Glocester Town Council in 2018. Republican David Place will run unopposed for his seat as House District 47 state representative, rep- resenting Glocester and Burrillville. Place defeated incumbent Cale Keable, a Democrat, in 2018, earning 61.8 percent of the vote. Keable was removed from his position as House Judiciary Chairman days before the November 2018 general election after sexual harassment allegations were brought to light. In Senate District 23, which cov- ers portions of North Smithfield, Burrillville and Glocester, first-term Republican incumbent Jessica de la Cruz will face off against Democrat Paul Roselli, a Burrillville resident who lost in the Democratic primary in 2018. Candidates collecting signatures to run in Glocester By JACQUELYN MOOREHEAD Valley Breeze & Observer Staff Writer Scituate Democrats announce 13 candidates SCITUATE – The Scituate Democrats officially announced sup- port for 13 candidates, including: Pamela Carosi for state representa- tive in District 41, Margaret Long for town clerk, John Tessitore for town moderator, Joseph DeAngelis for Board of Assessment Review, Carolyn Dias and Kevin Pendergast for School Committee, and Michael Marcello, Terrell Parker, Anna Cimini, Sacha Hummel, Debra Archetto, William Austin and Donald Delaere for Town Council. Scituate Democrat Chairwoman Alicia Ann Kelley said Scituate has endured "controversy, opaque prac- tices, and backroom deals, leaving taxpayers on the hook for decades" to come. "It is time to leave those trends in the past and move forward with fresh representation and ideas," Kelley said. Kelley said Scituate needs to step into a new era with transparent government that works for all the people of the town. She noted that Delaere could not declare himself a Democrat due to an administrative error, and is run- ning under the Good Government ticket as an independent with the Democrats' full support. Tikoian announces run for Town Council SMITHFIELD – Lifelong Smithfield resident David Tikoian, Democrat, announced his candidacy for Smithfield Town Council, saying that he is a deeply committed person to Smithfield and a product of the Smithfield school system and gradu- ate of Bryant University. Recently retired as the North Providence police chief, Tikoian said he is credited for transforming the agency. He said he utilized strong financial oversight during the con- struction of the North Providence Public Safety Complex, saving tax- payers approximately $1 million. Tikoian also served on the Rhode Island State Police for 23 years and rose to the rank of major and chief administrative officer for the depart- ment, where he oversaw the agency's financial office and managed the $97 million budget. He was the legislative liaison for the department to the Rhode Island General Assembly where he testified before various House and Senate committees for proposed legislation. With the town's bonded indebt- edness in excess of $45 million, Tikoian said the town is at a "crucial financial crossroad." He said it is essential to minimize further finan- cial impact to the taxpayers to keep Smithfield affordable to residents. "When elected, I will rely on the management and financial oversight skills acquired during my career, exploring savings and revenue opportunities consistent with the town's comprehensive plan," Tikoian said. TOWN OF SCITUATE NOTICE OF PROPOSED PROPERTY TAX RATE CHANGE e Town of Scituate proposes to increase its property tax levy to $29,954,663 in the 2020-2021 budget year; the property tax levy this year is $29,208,473. e FY 2020 and FY 2021 tax levies have excluded motor vehicle excise tax for the purpose of determining tax levy growth pursuant to current law. THIS IS A PROPOSED INCREASE OF 2.55%. It has been estimated that the proposed increases in property tax revenues will result in a property tax rate of $18.27 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for residential real estate, $22.67 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for commercial / industrial / mixed use property and $38.92 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for tangible personal property, as compared to the current property tax rates of $17.89 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for residential real estate, $22.20 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for commercial / in- dustrial / mixed use property and $38.11 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for tangible personal property. e preliminary 2020-21 motor vehicle levy includes taxes on motor vehicles at an unchanged rate of $30.20 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, which includes the exemption amount provided by the state's motor vehicle excise tax phase-out legislation and the Town for an exemption up to $6,000. A property tax rate of $18.57 per $1,000 for residential real estate, $23.04 per $1,000 for commercial / industrial / mixed use property and $39.56 per $1,000 for tangible personal property would be needed in the coming budget year to raise the maximum levy authorized by section 44-5-2 of the general laws. e Town of Scituate's budget will be considered at the Annual Financial Town Meeting to be held on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Scituate High School Auditorium. e above property tax estimates have been computed pursuant to current law and are approved by the Rhode Island Department of Revenue. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF CURRENT AND PROPOSED BUDGET CURRENT PROPOSED 2019/2020 2020/2021 OPERATIONS EDUCATION $23,741,398 $ 23,988,949 GENERAL GOVERNMENT 1,397,932 1,388,793 DEBT SERVICE 1,445,593 1,499,537 CAPITAL PROJECTS 789,548 890,500 POLICE/FIRE/ANIMAL CONTROL 3,775,914 3,832,276 PUBLIC WORKS 2,216,144 2,315,289 SOCIAL SERVICES 199,008 212,141 RECREATION & CULTURAL SERVICES 815,615 856,403 FIXED CHARGES 2,786,552 2,848,762 TOTAL $37,167,704 $ 37,832,650 REVENUE LOCAL PROPERTY $29,207,752 $ 29,954,663 MOTOR VEHICLE TAX LEVY 1,684,101 1,606,825 NON-LOCAL PROPERTY 3,380,790 3,468,306 STATE AID TO EDUCATION 2,894,961 2,802,856 TOTAL $37,167,704 $ 37,832,650 is is to certify that the data contained in this report is accurate to the best of my knowledge. James Brady Town Council President Town of Scituate TOWN OF SMITHFIELD, RHODE ISLAND - PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Smithfield Planning Board will hold a Virtual Public Hearing on ursday, July 16, 2020 at 6:00 PM. e purpose of the Public Hearing is to consider and act upon a proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Community Plan. is amendment is proposed to be made in accordance with the provisions of Section 45-22.2-8 of the General Laws of Rhode Island. VIRTUAL MEETING* Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also dial in using your phone. United States (Toll Free): 1 877 309 2073 Access Code: 454-530-925 For Technical Support, please call 401-233-1017 *Provided, however, that the meeting is allowed to be held virtually. If virtual meetings are prohibited on this date, then the Planning Board may convene the meeting at the Smithfield Town Hall, 2nd Floor, Crepeau Hall, 64 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, RI, pursuant to compliance with the latest Executive Order dealing with public meetings. Comprehensive Plan Amendment Summary: e proposed amendment involves a change to the Future Land Use Map's designation of lots located on Douglas Pike and Ridge Road, more specifically identified as: Assessor's Plat 40 / Lots 1-111, 113-238, 250-273, 277-299, 303-332, 336-363, 366-385, 390-439 and AP 42 / Lot 139 from Commercial (C), Medium Density Residential (MDR) and Low/Medium Density Residential (LMDR) to Planned Development (PD), as well as AP 40 / Lots 239, 240, 274, 275, 364, 386-388 and a portion of lot 452 from Medium Density Residential (MDR) to Commercial, as shown below. At said Hearing opportunity will be given to all interested persons to be heard upon the proposed amendments. e proposed amendment may be altered or amended prior to the close of the Public Hearing, without further advertising, as a result of further study or because of the views expressed at the Public Hearing. Any alteration or amendment must be presented for comment in the course of the Hearing. Availability of Information e application and accompanying documents for this application are available for public review on the Town Planner's page of the Town's Website: If communication assistance (readers/interpreters/captions) or any other accommodation to ensure equal participation is needed, please contact the Smithfield Town Manager's office at 401-233-1010 at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting. By order of the Smithfield Planning Board Albert S. Gizzarelli, Jr., Chairman

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