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10 PAWTUCKET JULY 1-7, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE | PAWTUCKET EDITION I took all of my emergency fund money, and I bought all of the animals I could. And it's working. Everybody's coming from all over the place and they're happy and smiling. It makes me cry to see them happy." Connor starting putting the animals out little by little in early April. There are animal statues by the front fence that surrounds the yard, with bigger, plusher stuffed animals behind. To the left of the gate is a big penguin and baby penguin with their beaks stuck out of the fence. She started to order ani- mals from Melissa & Doug Toy Company but with having to pay shipping and then extra money on bigger orders, she decided to check out Amazon. A donated item that arrived over the weekend was an almost life-sized mon- key who now lounges on a chair by the front porch. Another donated animal is a tiger to go with a momma tiger and baby to complete the family. Connor's favorite animal is the Siberian tiger. "He's gorgeous," she said. Now that she's tapped out on the investment, she's accepting donated animals in her effort to complete the zoo. "I understand our zoo doesn't have many animals anymore, so I tried to think of everything," she said. "I have the lizard fighting the dragon but he's not going to win. So I've got Australia there with the kangaroo. And most of them are from Africa." At the moment she is wait- ing on one more delivery, an elephant. "I wrote to them (Melissa & Doug) and said since I've spent $2,000 or so on your animals, the only thing I don't have is an elephant," she said. She asked the com- pany to add to her project to make people happy, and representatives agreed. She said she will keep the zoo up until the end of October. With her collection continuing to grow, she said she does not know where she is going to put them all in the winter. Now that the news has spread, Connor has seen hundreds of people, she said, and many are not from Pawtucket. People even stopped during the rain- storms over the weekend. She said the animals do great in the rain and after some sunlight, one would never believe they had been soaked. "Everybody is so happy because they want to help," she said. "It's a round circle, I'm helping them and they're helping me. I'm crying all the time. I'm too old for this. I get so emotional watching. They look so happy." She said she has been told she's been mentioned on radio shows as far as Louisiana and will be hav- ing a Skype interview with Michael Strahan for Good Morning America. Connor also has a live ani- mal, a standard poodle who likes to go out and sniff the new stuffed animals or lay down with them. Connor is just happy that she has found a way to bring some joy back into the world. "Why didn't somebody else think of this?" she asked. "Animals make everybody happy. So I'm just delight- ed." ZOO From Page One BREEZE PHOTOS BY KAYLA PANU NANCY CONNOR, 86, sits on her front stairs along with her three-toed sloths and George, the 6-foot stuffed monkey. Connor created a stuffed animal zoo in her front yard on Riverview Avenue to make people smile during the COVID-19 crisis. Nancy Connor said that she tried to think of everything to put in her zoo. On this side of the yard resides her tiger family with mom and baby, a zebra, a huge monkey, and an eagle on the table. Ferri: Proudly display the American flag July 4 and year round The Fourth of July ushered in the begin- ning of this great nation, America. It is per- haps the most important date of the calendar year. Our flag is America's most important symbol. It stands for so many wonderful things that make living here a blessing. The American flag should be proudly displayed, not only on the Fourth of July, but through- out the year. What a beautiful sight it would be if every day, on every house throughout our country, the red, white and blue colors of a nation envisioned by our founding fathers, would gently wave in the breezes of freedom. Let us give those founding fathers thanks, not only on the 4th, but always, for the courage it took to write and fight for the Declaration of Independence. And for creat- ing a masterful and timeless document called the Constitution. Also, be thankful for the many who have since made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that this Constitution be upheld and America always remain free. In closing, proudly display the American flag this coming Fourth of July and through- out the year(s). P.S. Should you need to purchase a new American flag, look for the label "Made In America." God Bless America! BOB FERRI Central Falls LETTER are asked to review the Slater Park Summer Camp registration packet, which can be found at ation-department , before registering for the camp. The Pawtucket Parks and Recreation Division is working alongside First Student on a solution to provide transportation to children if needed. Further questions should be directed to the Pawtucket Parks and Recreation Division at 401-728-0500, ext. 251, or via email at . SUMMER CAMP From Page 2 Place your classified ad online at

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