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10 LETTERS APRIL 23-29, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER | SMITHFIELD SCITUATE FOSTER GLOCESTER EDITION Spirito: Thoughts on Raimondo's coronavirus policies As I listen to Gina Raimondo's lat- est round of executive orders to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, I can't help to wonder if any of these policies has stopped one person from getting the virus. 1) Does stopping someone unconsti- tutionally only on one road entering the state to ask questions that can't be verified stop the virus? 2) Does keeping people out of state parks stop the virus? Transmission outside in areas that distancing is like- ly makes the odds very very long. 3) Does mandating face masks in public when health care workers and others don't have them stop it? My wife is a nurse and she gets one mask a week and is on the front lines. Remember masks will prevent trans- mission only if someone who has the coronavirus coughs or sneezes within 6 feet of you. It's aerosolized droplets that the masks stop, not air. When was the last time someone coughed on you at a Stop and Shop? I would say no to all of this. Let's stop taking something that has a one in a billion chance of happening and making it a reason to stoke fear and come out with terrible public policy. What would make more sense would be policies like: 1) Let's save the masks for front line workers and tradespeople that use them to prevent other health issues (for example lead abatement workers, factory work- ers). You say you can make your own masks but people still use the N95 masks. These are the same people that hoard toilet paper. 2) Allow people over 60 and that are medically compromised to stay home with pay. I work with people now that are vulnerable but because they weren't laid off they have to work or not get paid. 3) Focus on the nursing homes. She is so focused on convincing every- body that they are at risk that she has ignored the obvious fact that most of the deaths in R.I. are at nursing homes. Maybe we could send a lot more resources there to protect those people. Help to sanitize, separate and protect workers. 4) Pay more attention to the very real other costs of this epidemic. Mental health, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse. These will be the unintended consequences of this epidemic and will be present long after the virus is gone. Letting people go to parks and gather at some events will help with this and should be considered. Personal responsibility becomes the means to monitor these events. We don't need her conde- scending lectures. We have to start looking at this with more thought not by how much money we can get from the fed- eral government to push a political agenda. People's civil liberties, mental health, quality of life and livelihood should not take a back seat to politics and ego. FRANK SPIRITO Foster Located at: 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite #204, Lincoln, RI 02865 Phone 401-334-9555 Fax 401-334-9994 Web Outdoor Newspaper Box Locations NORTH PROVIDENCE BREEZE Edition BOX Sal Mancini Center, 2 Atlantic Blvd., No. Prov. BOX Old Public Safety Complex, 1967 Mineral Spring Ave., No. Prov. PAWTUCKET Edition RED BOX 627 Armistice Blvd. RED BOX Yankee Spirits when open, 628 Washington St., S. Attleboro OBSERVER Edition BLUE BOX Greenville Post Office, 1 Austin Ave. BLUE BOX Harmony Post Office, 391 Putnam Pike, Chepachet BLUE BOX Scituate Post Office, 171 Danielson Pike, N. Scituate BLUE BOX Shady Acre's Restaurant, 164 Danielson Pike Rt. 6, Foster BLUE BOX Foster Post Office, 94 Foster Ctr. Rd. Rt. 94, Foster BLUE BOX Top of Industrial Park, Smithfield CUMBERLAND/LINCOLN Edition BLUE BOX Ice Cream Machine, 4288 Diamond Hill Rd., Cumb. BLUE BOX Kirkbrae Country Club BLUE BOX Twin River, 1600 Louisquisset Pike (500 ft. in the South Entrance Driveway) BLUE BOX Cumberland Farms, 3400 Mendon Road, Cumberland NORTH SMITHFIELD/BLACKSTONE/WOONSOCKET Edition BLUE BOX Goodwin's Farm, Greenville Rd. N. Smithfield BOX Forestdale Post Office, 134 School St., Forestdake BOX Slatersville Post Office, 42 Main St., Slatersville BLUE BOX Roast House, 3 Farm St., Blackstone BLUE BOX 533 Gaskill St./May St., Woonsocket BLUE BOX 353 Harris Avenue, Woonsocket BOX Millville Post Office, 31 Central St., Millville BOX Harrisville 1492 Broncos Hwy., (near Dunkin) BOX N.S. 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