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19 AT HOME APRIL 9-15, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION Getting creative in this time of social distancing LINCOLN – I'd like to bury my head in the sand and pretend life is normal, like I can go shopping with my sisters to the mall this week- end, or out to dinner, or even to the supermarket without flinching when a stranger pass- es by, but there is now a new normal since the coronavirus arrived. Being a realist by nature, I know my life will not be the same, at least not the same way I had envisioned it was going to be. With financial cuts all around, some extend- ing to our children and their families, it's time to get cre- ative. The most important thing is to try to remain healthy, that's number one. This past week, I had Thursday off and the sun was shining brightly. I called my sister Debbie, we usually talk for a good long while on Thursday mornings. I sug- gested if she was not busy that we could go to where our mom, Bev, and her twin sister, Auntie Barbara, both live. They live across from each other in a quad unit on ground level so I envisioned Deb and I each taking our lawn chairs and parking ourselves outside their window to have some real face time. We decided not to call ahead and to surprise them instead. They've been housebound for a couple of weeks at this point and my siblings and I, along with our cousins, had already decided we'd all stay away since the twins both have underlying health concerns and an age that is more fragile. What's hard to wrap my head around is that just three short weeks ago I picked them both up on Sunday morning, we went to church together, hugged and kissed, and now we are not able to express love physically or get in a car together. We hand them their grocer- ies in the hallway, placing the food on the floor and backing away. They'll pick it up and later the shopping bags get thrown out. They wash their hands after putting it away. Wow, that's a lot to process and yet I'm grateful for the creative ways we can still be together and laugh. So we show up, lawn chairs in hand and knock on Mom's window. My mother is not very demonstrative ever, but she glowed a bit. "Call Auntie Barbara over," I said. So Auntie Barbara came into Mom's apartment and they sat together in the open window while Debbie and I sat out- side. This was our first-ever socially distant visit, and it was good! We felt safe – about 10 feet apart from each other – and we all caught up on the fam- ily news; kids, grand and great-grandchildren, and we laughed a lot. Our visit lasted a few hours and we engaged with passersby who smiled at how we were able to still see one another, yet follow the rules. I'm looking forward to the next nice day when we're able to do this again. Being more creative is the challenge now and that chal- lenge carries over to every- thing from parents home- schooling children and cook- ing meals at home, maybe with a shortage of particular items. It's hard for parents and kids. I hear two of my grandsons who live upstairs in my house blowing off steam. I swear they had a rock concert up there the other night and it made me smile. As for the culinary side of BREEZE PHOTO BY RHONDA HANSON BEVERLY BEDFORD and BARBARA ROBERTSON, of Lincoln, share a socially distant visit with family at their home. Remember to look in on isolated family members and neighbors during this COVID-19 outbreak, but do it safely. The Recipe Box RHONDA HANSON Continues on next page

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