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17 THE VALLEY APRIL 9-15, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION money is too little. If somebody can only come out for an hour or a cou- ple of hours, that's help. We appreci- ate anything people can do." Interested volunteers can contact Keene at nsha@nsheritageassocia- or 401-447-6394, and he can recommend a cemetery near them. "There are a lot of them out there that need some love and care," he said. Because many historic cemeter- ies are located on private property, Postle advised making sure you're not trespassing before beginning a cleanup. While there are 65 known his- toric cemeteries in North Smithfield, Keene said, most are privately owned. "We're encouraging the prop- erty owners to perform simple main- tenance," he said. Whatever owners can do to take care of the lots would "be a huge help." Monetary donations are also wel- come, which will help offset the costs of materials the group purchases to clean and restore the gravestones, Keene said. Volunteers are also welcome in Burrillville to rake leaves, cut brush, or weed wack, said Betty Mencucci, president of the Burrillville Historical & Preservation Society. Contact her at 401-568-8449. "It is very rewarding and meaning- ful work and can be done by individ- uals, couples, or families," she said. Suzanne Buchanan, volunteer coor- dinator for Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, said she 100 percent supports social distanc- ing, but "if people want to do some- thing locally in their community, that is great." The BHC's new Cemetery Conservation Ambassadors program, in partnership with the R.I. Historical Cemetery Commission, is asking for volunteers to photograph historic headstones for a project catalog- ing historic cemeteries within the Blackstone River Valley. The Blackstone Heritage Corridor Photography Ambassadors are vol- unteering their photography skills to work on this project, but other volun- teers are welcome to help as soon as state stay-at-home orders are lifted. People will be given assignments to photograph gravestones and docu- ment details to add to the state data- base at . The database, which allows folks to view cemeteries by town and to see detailed information about the graves including photographs when available, has information on 497,000 gravestones as well as photographs of 122,000 gravestones. Buchanan said it's a gift for volun- teers to use their passion for pho- tography to help archive these sites, adding that they can use iPads if they don't have cameras. Interested volunteers can contact her at volunteer@ . For more about the project, visit https:// . A volunteer photographing a headstone with an iPad at BURRILLVILLE HISTORICAL CEMETERY #30 last week as a second volunteer blows leaves from a safe distance. 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