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8 AT HOME JANUARY 9-15, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION beyond the pale. I began with rinses ... until they no longer had the strength to get the job done. That's when L'Oréal miracles began occurring in my bathroom. Messy thing, coloring your hair at home. I did it for quite a while, until I installed a new vanity in the bathroom, and not want- ing to risk staining it, I bit the bullet and put my hair in the hands of a professional where it has remained these many years. So why now? Truth is, I had been sort of contemplating the possibility for a while. Recently, being under the weather for more than a month with one thing after another (shingles, head cold, asthma, and then a horrible reaction to an anti- biotic) and unable to have my hair done, I was looking at two months worth of what were now silver-gray roots. Not knowing any better, it looked to me like I had a pretty good head start on a change. And so it came to pass that on the day after Christmas, I told my hairdresser that we needed to have a chat. My first question, although I think I already knew the answer, was "Can you just dye it gray?" The answer was no. Also negative was the response to "Is there any easy way to do it?" Back and forth we went. We could try rinses, although they generally don't work that well and we couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't turn my hair pink, as had once happened to Bev, or maybe some other unwanted shade. Or, we could let it grow just a little more and go with a really short haircut. Given the unruly behavior of my hair that had only started to wave and curl about the same time I had hit 70, and with which I had done battle when my hair was shorter, that was not a viable option. Rats! The final best case solution seemed to be adding "high- lights." We discussed the pros and cons ad nauseam, but I finally bit the bullet and decided to go with it. The plastic cap went on my head and little tufts of hair were pulled through the little holes in the cap with a crochet hook, and then a grayish colored goop was painted on the whole thing with a wide brush and the timer was set. Off came the cap, followed by rinse and shampoo, then back to the big mirror and bright lights. Holy crap! The highlights looked more like headlights, even when wet. What had once been kind of a light brown was now really, really blonde ... a shade of blonde my hair hadn't seen since I was about 5 years old. Not totally, just a lot of it, although I must admit the gray doesn't really show as much. Oh, well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I had made the commitment and I lived with it ... until the next morning when I phoned and asked for an appointment to have it all dyed back. My niece Kelly and my daughter Barbara, who has been going through a similar process of easing in the gray, convinced me that if back-to-gray was what I wanted, this was the way to go and I should persevere. So I called and canceled the appointment, which made my hairdresser, Dave, chuckle. Yesterday at bowling was my first big showing among people who knew me, and no one said a word! After about an hour I finally said, "I know you've all been trying to pretend that you haven't noticed my hair, but that's OK. This is step one in the process of going back to gray. It will take about a year, but I am committed to doing it." So the moral of this story is that if you happen to see me, it's OK to say something – although it will hopefully be more along the lines of "Oh, new color," and not "Oh my God, what the hell happened to your hair?" Fingers crossed, it will all be good in the long run. Rhea Bouchard Powers is a writer from Cumberland. RHEA From Page One CLCC announces open house LINCOLN – Cumberland- Lincoln Community Chorus will begin its spring sea- son with open houses on Tuesdays, Jan. 21 and 28, from 6:30 to 9 p.m., at Wesley United Methodist Church, 55 Woodland St. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a rehearsal, meet the director and members and have some snacks. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening. IN BRIEF Thank youfor supporting our Valley Breeze advertisers. They make this free newspaper possible!

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