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2 PAWTUCKET JANUARY 8-14, 2020 | VALLEY BREEZE | PAWTUCKET EDITION People, the Rhode Island Democratic Women's Caucus, and Capeverdean American Community Development. "It is extremely disappointing that Council President Moran has chosen not to include the letter in the coun- cil docket," she said. She added that she hopes Moran changes his mind. "Silence is deafening," she said. The resolution, if approved, would state that Wildenhain's "reprehen- sible" behavior at a Dec. 16 party was racist, xenophobic and misogy- nistic. It would "strongly condemn" his comments "that have vocalized bigotry, aggression and hatred of women and people of color by say- ing that our fellow Americans who are immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and those who may look to the councilor like immigrants, should 'go back' to other countries, by referring to culturally diverse residents and by saying that residents of Pawtucket who are immigrants (or those of our colleagues who are wrongly assumed to be immigrants) do not belong in the Pawtucket City Council, city of Pawtucket, or in the United States of America." Vasquez and council colleague Meghan Kallman, the only two women on the council, have also written a letter to the editor this week criticizing fellow council mem- bers for their support of Moran's decision not to allow the matter to be discussed publicly. Wildenhain has admitted that he threw a pair of dollar bills toward Vasquez at a Dec. 16 event and told her to go back to another country (he says it was Mexico, she says it was Colombia. She's from Guatemala), but said the comments were part of a back-and-forth friendly bantering relationship with Vasquez. He has strongly denied that there was any racist or xenophobic intent, and has made numerous attempts to apologize to Vasquez for what he said. Moran previously announced that the council will be participating in sensitivity workshops. City Councilors Al Vitali Jr. and Michael Araujo, who did not respond in time for last week's story, both issued statements this week. Vitali said in a statement that Vasquez is a friend, colleague, and "outstanding representative on our City Council, who brings an amazing skill set and perspective" to the body. "I must say that I do not in any way, shape or form condone this kind of behavior by anyone, elected or otherwise," he said of Wildenhain's comments. "It is unac- ceptable to verbally assault Elena or anyone, no matter what the setting, not racially or for any reason. I hope to God it never happens again, ever." Wildenhain needs to do the right thing, "whatever that may be," said Vitali, who did not address the ques- tion of whether this should be a pub- lic discussion. Araujo said Pawtucket is a diverse city where everyone must be treated as equals no matter their gender, race or ethnic background. "I am big on collaboration and it is my hope that Councilor Wildenhain and Councilor Vasquez will be able to sit and meet to try and resolve this matter," he said. "I do not believe this issue falls under the umbrella of what we govern on the City Council. This in no way means I condone what transpired that night." VASQUEZ From Page One Preservation Society offering rewards for good work PAWTUCKET – The Preservation Society of Pawtucket is accepting applications for its Preservation Reward Program. Those who have recently com- pleted a preservation or history project in Pawtucket are asked to visit www.pawtucketpreservation. org/preservation-reward-program for more. The application deadline is Saturday, Feb. 1. The PSP will give up to three monetary gifts, at a combined total not exceeding $2,000, for preserva- tion-related projects completed in the city of Pawtucket. Eligible projects will have been completed in the 18 months prior to Feb. 1, they must be viewable by the general public, and they need not be associated with a specific building or place. Rewards will be given to individuals, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, or religious institutions. Applications and supporting materials may be submitted by mail or email. Visit the website for more. do you know? 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