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CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | NOVEMBER 27-DECEMBER 4, 2019 CUMBERLAND 17 Neville, but wanted to make sure that as he continues in a full-time job he'll have the support of other people involved. He said he thinks this will be a good team effort, with Schimmel's solid leadership skills, connections, and enthusiasm. "I am pleased to have the oppor- tunity to continue to work toward developing a sense of pride in this event and our community," said Schimmel. "CumberlandFest 2020 marks our 30th anniversary year, a considerable milestone. With the full support of the commu- nity, we expect it will be the best CumberlandFest yet." Schimmel has been a Cumberland resident for 34 years. He and his wife Linda have raised five children in Cumberland, all of who have been involved in youth and high school sports and graduated from Cumberland High School. He has been actively involved in several Cumberland-based organizations, particularly with youth. "I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude to Ernie Labbe who served as executive director in 2019," said Schimmel. "We have both been involved over the years with CumberlandFest and feared that our special com- munity event could fade away due to a variety of reasons. Horrible weather plagued us in 2018, and at the beginning of this year there was a real possibility that CumberlandFest would be no more. Ernie stepped in and along with a small group of volunteers, we worked tirelessly and creatively to ensure CumberlandFest would occur and be placed in a solid posi- tion to continue for years to come." With all the improvements to the 2019 event, the CYAC was able to donate $20,000 to the grant recipients, which included Cumberland Youth Baseball/ Softball, the Cumberland Boys' Cross-Country Booster Club, the Cumberland High School Band, Boy Scout Troop 1 Arnold Mills, the Cumberland Hockey Booster Club, the Cumberland Dance Company, Boy Scout Troop 64, and Boy Scout Troop 1 Manville. The groups that will earn grants from year to year will vary, said Neville, but it will be their choice whether they participate. "We are grateful for the participa- tion of the youth organizations that are instrumental in ensuring that CumberlandFest comes together seamlessly," said Neville. "This year our financial success made it possible to make a donation that was equivalent to $25 per volunteer hour expended. This money will be used to enhance programs, pur- chase needed equipment and pro- vide general operating support to these great organizations that serve our community's youth." CYAC is currently recruiting new board members and volunteers for various committees to help with the planning and running of CumberlandFest 2020. Visit www. opportunties for more. SCHIMMEL From Page 2 Visit CW Lanes for a bite to eat before or after your movie. Appetizers • Wings • Burgers • Wraps • Entrees & more. Jojo Rabbit: A Nazi Coming of Age Story By Emma Gill, LHS Journalism Academy If you thought you had seen enough of coming of age stories, director Taika Waititi brings a unique perspective. Jojo Rabbit tells the story of a young German boy Jojo, (Roman Griffin Davis), struggling with his nationalistic ideals when he discovers a Jewish girl, Elsa (Thomasin McKenzie), is living in his walls. Jojo's imaginary friend, Hitler (Taika Waititi), enforces these ideas, but they are challenged by a blossoming friendship between Jojo and Elsa. A strange idea presented in today's world, Director Taika Waititi creates a comical yet heartfelt story of a Nazi boy driven by his biases. The mixture of comedy and heartfelt emotion is oddly blended to create a fluctuating tone. Jojo and other young boys are sent to a Nazi training session like it is a summer camp; excitedly running through the woods with upbeat music playing as if they are about to embark on a summer adventure. In reality, they are being trained to kill and are instilled with more anti- Jewish, pro-Hitler propaganda; a ten-year-old boy who cannot tie his shoes is spewing about how Jews sleep upside down like bats. Along with other outlandish ideas that fuel Jojo's nationalism, these set the comedic tone of the movie. When these ideals are challenged by Elsa, a more serious and emotional side of the film emerges, creating an odd combination of both humor and seriousness. Jojo's struggle to manage his psychological discomfort in his ideals being challenged also creates a tone for a more coming of age type story. This made the viewing experience more engaging. At one moment, I was chuckling at the ridiculous comments reflecting the Nazi mindset, and the next, I was tense at the scenes highlighting the horrors of the war. The odd premise and inconsistent tone raise one main question: why in 2019? Generally, people understand the horror of the Holocaust and the harm Hitler caused. While the idea of a Nazi coming of age movie is unique, it is not necessary because it does not make significant social commentary. Do we need to satirize something that is already accepted as unacceptable? Taking such an emotionally wrenching topic such as Hitler and Nazism and framing it in this comedic light could even be seen as insensitive. The film could be framed in a lesson about tolerance and anti-hate, but the context and tone make it uncertain what the film is focusing on. Regardless of its purpose and context, the storyline is heartfelt and comical at times. Jojo Rabbit is a movie to watch when you want a typical coming of age story, but with a new perspective. If you are willing to set aside the larger questions about how this movie relates to today's world, this film is very enjoyable. A Nazi coming of age story is something no one has thought to ask for, but Waititi brings it to the table in a questionable yet entertaining way. IN THE LINCOLN MALL 401-333-8676 CWTHEATERS.COM The Lincoln Lions' Lens Movie Review Dr. Lionel Lemos, Jr FAAO Dr. Michael C. Santos FAAO Dr. Steven W. Santos Call now for an appointment to use this year's expiring insurance benefits. Cumberland Family Eye Care, Ltd. 248 Broad Street, Cumberland, RI 02864 WWW.SEEFAMILYEYE.COM 401-726-2929 Nos Falamos Portugues Cumberland & East Providence Family Eye Care East Providence Family Eye Care 250 Wampanoag Trail, Suite 304, East Providence, RI 02915 401-435-5555

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