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VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION | NOVEMBER 21-27, 2019 ENTERTAINMENT 5 High velocity 'Ford v Ferrari' is a must-see HHHHH The need for speed seems to be hardwired into men. There have been eight "Fast and Furious" mov- ies and countless other films like "Bullitt," "Top Gun" or "The Right Stuff" that have highlighted the human desire to go farther and faster. Last week saw the release of "Ford v Ferrari" and this is a movie I've had marked on my phone's calendar since I saw the first preview trailer many, many months ago. It is a retelling of Ford's historic under- taking in attempting to beat Enzo Ferrari at the 1966 24-hour Le Mans. This is an all-star cast assembled here, starting with Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby, the ex-race car driver with a heart condition transition- ing to a burgeoning car designer. Christian Bale stars as hot-tempered racer and engineer Ken Miles and Jon Bernthal plays a young Lee Iacocca who sells Henry Ford II on the notion of getting into the car rac- ing circuit. Damon plays Shelby well, capturing the fiery, hard-drinking, speed-obsessed Texan who as shown in the film has a tenuous relation- ship with Miles. Miles is financially troubled, down on his luck and needing a break. Bale is his usual simmering self and evokes the rage and bottled-up impatience of Miles. The relationship between the two is contentious at times and, as the film shows, occasionally turned into physical altercations. This film is a glimpse into those early '60s when male ego ran amok and everyone was trying to be the alpha male in the room. Henry Ford II as portrayed here by Tracy Letts is shown to be insecure, surrounded by men who serve him without ques- tion and are always saying yes. Leo Beebe ( Josh Lucas) is his right-hand man and the one guy trying to deter and stall Shelby and his team at every turn. More amusing is the por- trayal of Ferrari who is equally domi- neering and cruel to his employees. Both men are control freaks, but so are Shelby and Miles. Along the way, these Americans, all working on behalf of Ford, do develop the GT40 under the guid- ance of Shelby and his team. The film, as directed by James Mangold, fuels that desire for high velocity and many of the racing sequences will have your heart racing and you'll find yourself resting your elbows on your kneecaps watching in awe. Shifting from cockpit views as the driver would see the track to slick overhead shots and then splicing in black and white "Wide World of Sports" coverage from ABC, all aspects of the race are covered. It is almost amazing to think now, in such a safety-orientated spectator setting, how close fans were allowed to be back in the '60s during the Le Mans. Fans were simply standing by hay- bales as the cars zoomed past over 100 miles an hour. But if the tensions behind the wheel aren't high enough, then the pressure and tense moments in the boardrooms and the pits dur- ing the race is just as palpable. This is just another feather in the cap for director Mangold who last did the exceptional, well received "Logan." I also recommend that if you have the opportunity to catch this film in IMAX format, you should. The film is rated PG-13. MATT DAMON, left, stars as Carroll Shelby, the ex-race car driver transitioning to car designer and CHRISTIAN BALE plays the hot-tempered racer and engineer Ken Miles in "Ford v Ferrari." Film Unfiltered TOM BURKE

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