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NORTH SMITHFIELD BLACKSTONE WOONSOCKET EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | NOVEMBER 21-27, 2019 LETTERS 15 Power plant project is dead Burrillville is very pleased with the decision of the Energy Facilities Siting Board. The Board was deliberate, fair and thoughtful as they evaluated the evidence and various presentations. We thank Todd Bianco and EFSB legal and administrative staff for their hard work and coordination of this mas- sive effort. There are many to thank, but I'm going to keep my comments to the town and its representatives but freely acknowledge that we had vast, widespread support state- wide and regionally from many diverse factions. Critical to our success at the EFSB hearings was our primary attorney Michael McElroy, and Glenn Walker of the Sansoucy Group. Numerous consultants such as Anthony Zemba, Tom Hevner, David Hessler, Eric Epner, the CDR Maguire Group, and other very knowledgeable professionals. Particular thanks for a job well done at the EFSB hearings are our locals, Jeff Partington, chair- man of the town's Planning Board, and Ken Johnson, chairman of the town Zoning Board. Both Jeff and Ken were very credible, knowledgeable and presented well before the EFSB Board. Town Council President John Pacheco, on behalf of the Town Council, provided vital written testimony. Extremely important to our effort was Louise Phaneuf and the Town Clerk's staff who coordi- nated town activities, hearings, etc. with the EFSB staff, and worked closely with Dyana Koelsch to manage our webpages to keep important information flowing and the town's messaging up-to-date, working days, nights and week- ends for over three long years. And, finally, the small army of town residents, their friends and supporters who worked tirelessly, not only here in Burrillville, but throughout the state to convey our message and concerns about the project, resulting in opposi- tion to the power plant from 32 of 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island and many towns in nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. Burrillville won against all odds, and that is the bottom line. MICHAEL C. WOOD. Burrillville Town Manager Editor's note: Earlier this year, the EFSB denied Invenergy's application to construct a gas and oil-burning power plant in Burrillville. Last Friday, the deadline for the company to appeal the decision passed with no appeal. Community leaders commended for supporting those affected by Alzheimer's disease Leaders such as Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli Hunt, Woonsocket Deputy Chief of Police Michael Lemoine, Woonsocket Fire Chief Paul Shatraw, and Woonsocket Director of Human Services Linda Plays have shown their commitment to support- ing those in the local communities affected by Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia by attend- ing the Community Town Hall Conversation on Cognitive Health held at the Harris Library last week. Their participation and engagement with those residents and other profes- sionals in the area should be com- mended and acknowledged. Over 23,000 Rhode Islanders have Alzheimer's disease, while there are over 53,000 caregivers that support them. Through legislation, increased awareness and community and civic action, more individuals will receive the resources they need. Alzheimer's is the fifth leading cause of death in Rhode Island and could possibly be first by 2050 based on current trajec- tories. The time for action is now, and our community officials are helping to take the lead. ERIC CREAMER Director of Public Policy Alzheimer's Association - Rhode Island Chapter Do you like to read The Valley Breeze? Then please shop with our advertisers, and tell them 'I saw it in The Breeze!' Tabella: DEM and RISPCA have no business jeopardizing Fourth Amendment Imagine the R.I. state veterinarian and the RISPCA demanding to enter your home without a search war- rant and if you denied them access being fined $350 per day until they obtained a search warrant. The legis- lation was House Bill No. 5297 intro- duced in the last General Assembly session that would have taken your Fourth Amendment rights away. Opposing the legislation was the Defenders of Animals, Inc., and the Rhode Island American Civil Liberties Union. The R.I. ACLU stat- ed: "We do not believe the General Assembly can give the DEM, much less a private entity, the power to enter people's homes based on a writ- ten complaint raising a vague concern about an animal's care or welfare." Moreover, the legislation was disguised as an attempt to target unlicensed rescuers; however, the wording included "any person who renders a service to any animal." The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution was added as part of the Bill of Rights on Dec. 15, 1791. It deals with protecting peo- ple from the searching of their homes and private property without properly executed search warrants. The R.I. DEM and the RISPCA have no business taking that protec- tion away nor should elected officials ever again consider such a proposal. DENNIS TABELLA Director of Defenders of Animals, Inc. Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor are welcome from readers. Please: • Limit to 500 words. Longer letters may appear online only. • Letters on local or state topics and issues will take precedence over those on national issues. • No more than one letter per person every 8 weeks, please. • All letters must be signed and include a hometown. Send by e-mail to:, or mail to The Valley Breeze, 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204, Lincoln, RI 02865. Consumers Propane 762-5461 BOUSQUET OIL 769-0146 139 HAMLET AVE. WOONSOCKET, RI 02895-0628 SERVICE – SALES – INSTALLATION OF GAS & OIL HEATING EQUIPMENT • Boilers • Furnaces • Hot Water Heaters WWW.CONSUMERSPROPANE.COM WE FILL GAS GRILL TANKS

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