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CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | NOVEMBER 21-27, 2019 CUMBERLAND 9 Multiple federal officials are now investigating Amaral's claims, which also include suggestions that there are other apparent violations. "Even though it is not done, it does not need to be finished to show the construction appears to lack code- compliant curb-cuts, (and) has protru- sions and no continuous accessible path of travel. The project needs to pause and redo," Amaral wrote to officials. Amaral said an immediate concern is that RIDOT is not providing a temporary safe route of travel for those traveling the sidewalk areas. A RIDOT representative is conced- ing that the width for ADA access is not right, but spokesman Charles St. Martin is saying the fix for the situ- ation will be rather minor. He said RIDOT is aware of two poles that need to be adjusted. "As standard procedure on all proj- ects, we make sure sidewalks will meet ADA compliance and that was the same case here," he said. "This area is still under construction; the sidewalks have not been poured yet. We will either be adjusting the poles or the curbing prior to completing the sidewalks." Asked what the standard width for a path of travel is supposed to be, St. Martin said it's 36 inches. Told of Amaral's contention that the minimum route of travel needs to be 48 inches, according to federal guidelines for a project funded by federal dollars, St. Martin responded by email as follows: "RIDOT fol- lowed federal guidelines for mini- mum clearance of 36 inches when the project was designed." But Amaral pointed to standards of the U.S. Access Board adopted by the U.S. Department of Transportation years ago calling for no obstructions within a 48-inch path of travel along all national projects. According to ADA standards found on the U.S. Department of Justice website, the Federal Highway Administration has adopted the U.S. Access Board rec- ommendations. "No design of a sidewalk in 2019 should be 36 inches wide," said Amaral, countering the assertion an official who told her that Rhode Island adopted the 36-inch width. "The sidewalk width recommended in busy urban areas is six feet to eight feet. There is a need for a barrier and berm to protect pedestrians once a truck drives over the curb." RIDOT previously moved the telephone poles back to their cur- rent locations to make Diamond Hill Road wider. Amaral said she doesn't see RIDOT even finding the 36-inch path of travel contained in 2010 ADA regulations for this stretch of sidewalk from the roundabouts to the Chapel Four Corners intersection. "Their biggest violation is common sense," she said. Michael Chong, civil rights spe- cialist with the U.S. Department of Transportation in Rhode Island, said he's only started the process of look- ing into the claimed violations and hasn't been to the site yet to inspect it. He said he couldn't comment fur- ther on it. Any attempt to retrofit these sidewalks is going to cause a reac- tion somewhere else in the project, Amaral emphasizes. Citizens for Access, the group Amaral leads, is a not-for-profit organization in the Greater Boston area dedicated to advocating for the removal of architectural access barri- ers in public and private venues. A huge concern, said Amaral, is the lack of buffer if a vehicle does come onto the sidewalk. It would be much more preferable to have trees between the person and the roadway. "You can replace a tree, you can't replace a person," she said. SIDEWALKS From Page One Maryan Amaral, a local advocate for people with disabilities, says she has no idea how the Rhode Island Department of Transportation would get a 36-inch path- way for people in wheelchairs on this side- walk between the Diamond Hill Road roundabouts and Chapel Four Corners, never mind the 48 inches she says is a federal requirement. BREEZE PHOTO BY ETHAN SHOREY Board approves fence on Mendon Road CUMBERLAND – The Zoning Board of Review last Wednesday approved a request from the owners of a home being built on the corner of Mendon Road and Rolling Acres Drive for a six-foot fence along Mendon Road. Two neighbors spoke against the request, while one sup- ported it. The Valley Breeze reported last week on a quirk in local zoning code that deems two yards on a corner lot as front yards, forcing the owner to seek special permission for the fence. Neighbors have suggested that the fence will make it more difficult for motorists to see oncoming cars as they pull onto Mendon Road, but officials have countered that proper sightlines will be maintained. 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