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The Valley Breeze & Observer 11-21-2019

The Valley Breeze Newspapers serving the Northern Rhode Island towns of Cumberland, Lincoln, Woonsocket, Smithfield, North Smithfield, Pawtucket, North Providence, Scituate, Foster, and Glocester

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2 IN OUR SCHOOLS NOVEMBER 21-27, 2019 | VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER | SMITHFIELD SCITUATE FOSTER GLOCESTER BREEZE PHOTOS BY ROBERT EMERSON ORA CROSSLEY, a 5th-grader portraying Constance Hopkins, walks through her garden during Clayville Elementary's Harvest Celebration on Nov. 6. Clayville students assumed the identities of the settlers and Native Americans as they explained to guests what life was like in 1620. Living history at Harvest Celebration Real-life cousins DECLAN CAHILL, left, and TRAVIS WHITE, both in 5th grade, portray Governor William Bradford and medicine man Samuel Fuller, respectively, during Clayville Elementary's Harvest Celebration. Fifth-grader MARIO COMELLA, as Captain Miles Standish, does some woodwork- ing, with an out- of-period ham- mer, at the 28th annual Harvest Celebration. JACKSON CONWAY, a 5th-grader portraying set- tler and carpenter John Howland, scrapes the bark from a branch. The wood might be used for a tool handle and the bark will become kindling for the fire. Below, GABRIELLA DEROSA, portraying Native American Stubborn Coyote, demonstrates a game popu- lar in the 17th century, and tries to catch a ring on a stick. Fourth-grade student KIARRA MONTELLA, left, playing the role of Sneaky Mountain Lion, takes a closer look at the corn mush she is making. COLTEN DUMONT, right, as Sachem Native American Helpful Owl, stands in front of his tent.

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