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THE VALLEY BREEZE | HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019 43 Sometimes all it takes is the trip home over the holidays to see that your loved ones are different, a bit forgetful, not eating properly and most of all not getting out of their homes for socialization, they have become isolated! Going home over the holidays should be a joy- ous time for all of us. However, for some, that is not the case. We come home and find a very dif- ferent situation than we did less than six months ago. e house is not clean, food in the refriger- ator is spoiled and most of all they are a bit more fragile. If you come home and see any of these circumstances do not panic! Evalu- ate the situation: call their physician(s), find out when their last appointment was, and try to get a picture of what really has been happening. If your investigation comes down to that your loved one is no longer able to live at home, there are options. Assisted Living is the obvious choice when faced with this situation. When looking for that assisted living, search areas that are suited for your senior. is could mean living closer to family or close friends or keeping them in the same neighborhood. When you find a community, call and speak to one of their experienced professionals who can help you understanding what assisted living has to offer. In assisted living your loved one will get all their needs met, from wellness checks, medica- tion management, socialization, three meals a day and so much more. We understand the needs of the senior. Some of our seniors need no assis- tance with activities of daily living (ADL) where others do. Once your senior moves into the right assisted living most families will see a significant change usually within a month. e reason for the change you ask? You're senior stops worrying about things like cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, heat, electric, repairs, and that dreadful snow removal, all the problems that go with own- ing your home or even renting. In assisted living your loved ones can now become more focused on meeting new friends, going out into the com- munity and having a support system in place. I can hear a lot of you now, my parent(s) cannot afford assisted living, well surprise! it is quite affordable and now more than ever. If you look at the cost of the keeping up their current home, you will realize how afford- able assisted living is. Today there are more options for seniors. In any case, do your homework, look at all your options and always take your loved ones with you when you schedule a tour. Whether it is a memory care placement or traditional assisted living, your senior ultimately is the one who will be living there. Face it, most of us do not live in the same state as our loved one. Families, do not have the op- portunity to see them on a daily or weekly basis. Families rely on those lifelong neighbors and/ or friends, however it not their responsibility to watch over them, it is yours. I can only say from experience that the best way to keep a lot of our seniors active and healthy is to always seek out the right situation that works for them, so when you do come home for the holidays, it will be a joyous occasion. Safe & Sound for the Holidays NOV-14-2019-GIFT-CL-Laura.indd 43 11/4/19 8:32 AM

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