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50 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE Advent and Other Holidays ADVENT It starts with Advent, which encompasses the Christmas season, starting four Sundays and four weeks before Christmas Day, or starting Dec. 1 and running through Dec. 25. According to, Advent means "coming" in Latin and signifies the coming of Jesus Christ. The religious purpose to use this time to remember the real meaning of Christmas. Historians don't have a time for when the cele- bration of Advent started, but it was at least 567 AD. Advent calendars serve the purpose of counting down this period, while in Germany, the people have an advent wreath with 24 little presents to mark each day. ST. NICHOLAS DAY This holiday is celebrated on Dec. 6 in countries throughout the world, mostly in Europe. Cultures that celebrate St. Nicholas Day use this as the main gift-giving holi- day for the Advent season. Children leave shoes or stockings (wooden shoes, if you want to be really traditional) the night of Dec. 5, and they're filled with candy, fruit, nuts and gifts overnight. According to the St. Nicholas Center, these gifts should be shared, in keeping with St. Nick's mission of caring for the needy. TWELVETIDE We've all heard the song, but do you know the traditions behind the 12 days of Christmas? Twel- vetide, as this holiday is known, officially starts on Christmas Day and finishes on Jan. 5 and is both a religious and secular holi- day. According to The Sun, a British newspaper, each day celebrates a different person or event in the life of Jesus or the history of the church, including var- ious saints, or a memorial about the children killed by the soldiers of Herod as he searched for the baby Jesus. EPIPHANY The last day of Twel- vetide is known as Epiph- any Eve. For Christians around the world, Jan. 6 is the 12th day of Christmas and it commemorates how the star led the three wise men to the baby Jesus. According to The New York Times, cultures celebrate with parades and people dressed up as the kings bearing gifts. In Spain and in Latin American countries, Epiphany is the major gift-giving holiday of the season, and children write letters to the Magi on Epiphany Eve. The time around Christmas is full of holidays that many Americans may not know about but can be a good way to mix up your holiday celebrations. – ©2019 GREEN SHOOT MEDIA. NOV-14-2019-GIFT-CL-Laura.indd 50 11/4/19 8:25 AM

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