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50 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE AUTOMOTIVE Understanding how cars operate and what it takes to repair them requires hands-on expe- rience and an appreciation of mechanics. Check out the idea of buying an owner's manual for your loved one's specific vehicle. It offers a detailed explanation on how the car works and step-by-step directions for common repairs. Even if there is nothing wrong with the vehicle at the time, this guide is a valuable resource to have on hand when problems do arise. Another invaluable tool for a DIY mechan- ic to own is a diagnostic scanning tool. This handy gadget can pinpoint causes of check engine lights and offer common solutions for the issue. You can find very affordable options that simply provide a code to be researched or high-end models that offer literature and repair advice. AT-HOME HANDYMAN The DIY handyman likely has a wide vari- ety of tools at their disposal, but you can sur- prise them with an advanced twist on common repair equipment. Check out these unique ideas to make repairs and renovation easier. DIGITAL TAPE MEASURE Precise measurements can be the dif- ference between completing a job right the first time or making several attempts. While traditional tape measures can work if someone can decipher each marking, their digital coun- terparts make accuracy a breeze. AUTOMATIC PAINT ROLLER While they won't spread the paint for you, these innovative rollers will automatically refill your roller with color. They alleviate the chore of bending to add more paint and eliminate the risk of messy drips and drops, making painting an overall easier job. SMART HAMMER Did you know that technology has stepped in to enhance the basic hammer? These smart gadgets dispense nails on their own, so its users can avoid holding them in awkward posi- tions and accidentally injuring their fingers. – ©2019 GREEN SHOOT MEDIA. For the Do-It-Yourselfer Many people make their own repairs or renovations to their home or cars. Support your loved one's attempts to become more self- sufficient and building their DIY knowledge. NOV-13-2019-GIFT-NPS-Mel.indd 50 11/4/19 10:20 AM

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