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10 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE Hasbro brings the games, toys this holiday season PAWTUCKET – City-based toymaker Hasbro always seems to have the knack for bringing the family together with a great game, getting creative to keep it fresh. Here are five of the newer games and themes that caught our eye this holiday season as being extra interesting options: • The Awkward Hugs game – Why not run to the awkward situation with this laugh-out- loud game that's all about connections, questions and con- sequences. Two players are locked in cozy embrace by the included hug belts, and the hug master asks yes or no ques- tions such as, "Would you swim with sharks?" or "Do you text on the toilet?" Both huggers must answer the same way or they'll get a con- sequence card that directs them to do zany things such as doing a squat together, standing like a flamingo, or staring at each other and making horse noises, all while still in the hug. Warning: Run from this game if you don't like anyone near you. At $19.99, it includes two awkward hugs belts, 100 question cards, 50 consequence cards, two keys and instructions. • New Monopoly games – Are there ever enough new versions of this clas- sic game? The most intriguing option is the cheaters edition, where you see what you can get away with. Permission to cheat? Some of you have been waiting for this your whole life. According to Julia Frazee, a representative for the brand, there's also Ms. Monopoly, Mr. Monopoly's niece, a self- made guru who's ready for her close-up. She's here to cel- ebrate women trailblazers in the first game where women make more than men. Instead of buying properties, players invest in groundbreaking inventions and innovations made possible by women throughout history. There's also Monopoly Ultimate Banking, Monopoly Game of Thrones, the Monopoly Deal card game, Monopoly Junior, Monopoly Cash Grab, the Monopoly Pizza Game, Monopoly Fortnite, and Monopoly L.O.L. surprise, among others. • Speak Out – Also at $19.99, this "ridiculous mouth- piece challenge game" promises uproarious laughter as players try to say different phras- es while wearing a mouthpiece that won't let them shut their mouth. Players draw from the deck and read the phrase as best they can. The timer counts down as others try to guess what they said. Includes 200 double-sided cards, five mouthpieces, and a timer. Use the mouthpiece only as included on instructions. • Pie Face Showdown – One of several Pie Face options, at $19.99, this one involves two people trying to avoid getting a face full of whipped cream (not included) by first nailing their opponent with it. On the count of three, rapidly mash the button to move the arm toward your opponent and don't let up until it springs up into their face. This is a great game for parents with little kids. See TOYS, Page 12 NOV-13-2019-GIFT-NPS-Mel.indd 10 11/4/19 10:15 AM

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