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32 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE Green garlands are cascading down staircases, crowning doorways and slipping over mantles. Wreaths grace doors and windows and, of course, there's trees galore. But where does all that come from? Here's how you find and keep real bundles of holly, fir and other holiday greens. GARDEN CENTERS Go forth to your local garden center. They'll have a wide selection of real garlands, wreaths, trees and more. If you're just looking to fill a few vases, ask the staff there if you can take some of the trimmings off their hands. Want to go beyond your basic fir and juniper? Look for giant, glossy magnolia leaves that develop a beautiful golden patina as they dry. Also consider fresh rosemary, which also comes with a wonderful smell, bay leaves, eucalyptus, cypress and ivy. Rosemary, especially, makes an attractive tree shape that makes a lovely table decoration. KEEP IT FRESH Home expert Martha Stewart advises to keep your greens fresh by spraying them with an antidesiccant spray, found at garden centers. These help keep your greens fresh by sealing in moisture in dry winter environments. Mist loose greenery daily and it will last about two weeks. The misting, by the way, also helps boost that perfect evergreen Christmas smell. Lowe's suggests trimming the ends of your greenery and soaking them in water overnight to properly condition them before twisting them into wreaths or garlands. WHAT TO LOOK FOR Choose greenery that doesn't feel dry, isn't brown and, if it's ever- green, has all or most of its needles. Needles and leaves should bend but not break. And use your nose; your fresh greens shouldn't smell musty or moldy. Also be mindful of any parts of your chosen plants that could hurt people or pets. Ask your garden center experts before bringing them in. Get Your (Real) Greens Green is having a moment this holiday season, not just as a color but as a décor item. – ©2019 GREEN SHOOT MEDIA. NOV-13-2019-GIFT-NPS-Mel.indd 32 11/4/19 10:17 AM

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