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PAWTUCKET EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | NOVEMBER 13-19, 2019 LETTERS 19 Brodie: Project is win for Conant Thread district The Joint Planning Commission, a unique and highly collaborative Pawtucket/Central Falls review board, heard and approved on a master plan level their first project in the Conant Thread district two weeks ago. The Peyser Real Estate Group's project represents so much of the economic development the two cities have been hoping for with the advent of the commuter rail stop, including jobs, new residents, increased tax rev- enue and the transformation of a high- ly visible, long vacant property. And, it is brought to us from a very highly regarded out-of-state developer/inves- tor, who invests in projects within the context of the community to which they will belong and whose projects look beyond their property line in a true public private partnership. Conant Thread is a district within an urban fabric. It is not any one project, and its geographic outline is permeable. Its vision reflects the city and the northeast region it sits in, as a mixture of uses, of incomes, of ages, of day and night activity, of people – walking, biking, taking the train or bus to work and to entertainment. The district and the area now include old and new commercial spaces, and adaptive reuse of old mills for a mixture of rents at and below market rate. It has proposals for maker spaces and live/work roughly finished start up business and living spaces. What it doesn't have is that higher income tier that includes new con- struction of housing that will benefit from the successes of our neighboring states. We need to grow our popula- tion and grow awareness of Pawtucket and Central Falls' assets and potential. More people with more disposable income will support the restaurants and small businesses of the two cit- ies and the awareness beyond the state line increases demand for the thousands of square feet of small and medium size spaces and buildings in our downtowns. At first glance, an early project that is for higher income residents might make some nervous that Conant Thread will benefit newcomers, not those who live and work here now. But people spend money where they live, so let's encourage them to spend it here. Bringing a strong reputation for both quality and community, this developer and the JPC's first project is a win for Conant Thread. JAN BRODIE Executive Director The Pawtucket Foundation Lorenz: Impeachment efforts unfounded After three years of effort by the Democrats to remove the Republican president of the United States, the basis for those efforts was exposed as being totally unfounded. Their lat- est venture is to base their impeach- ment inquiry on a phone call with the Ukrainian president. A phone call President Velodymyr Zelensky has publicly stated, several times, did not include a quid pro quo. The Democrats' stated purpose is to exercise their Constitutional obliga- tion. When indeed, it would appear as if they wish to placate Hillary Clinton so she doesn't run again (a looming disaster the Democrat Party wishes to avoid), as well as, overturn the 2016 election and disenfranchise the 63 million Americans who voted for the president. Constitutional obligation? ... Not so fast. The entire impeachment inquiry smacks of a partisan, political probe. A "witch hunt." The intelligence com- munities' inspector general stated that the basis of the inquiry ... an account of the phone call by a secondhand, unidentified whistleblower could have an arguably political bias. The Democrats' initial hearings were in secret, while denying Republican committee members full participa- tion. Now the whistleblower is will- ing to answer written questions from Republicans and bypass Democrat committee chairman Adam Schiff. Very interesting. And, more revela- tions will be forthcoming, but with a twist for the overzealous Democrat leadership. Be mindful that truth has another calling. That charges of sedi- tion and treason will ring throughout the land. And all the evildoers who are attempting a coup d'état, of our presi- dency and Constitutional Republic, will find their way in front of the dock- et. It's going to get a bit crowded. JOE LORENZ Portsmouth Member, R.I. Republican Party Presidential Election Committee Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor are welcome from readers. Please: • Limit to 500 words. Longer letters may appear online only. • Letters on local or state topics and issues will take precedence over those on national issues. • No more than one letter per person every 8 weeks, please. • All letters must be signed and include a hometown. Send by e-mail to:, or mail to The Valley Breeze, 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204, Lincoln, RI 02865.

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