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16 SPORTS & RECREATION NOVEMBER 13-19, 2019 | VALLEY BREEZE | PAWTUCKET EDITION since 2011. "It was definitely not our best game at all today," Tolman head coach Dan Silva said. "We went down 1-0 on the penalty shot, but at the half, it was still anybody's game. We came out and had a couple of opportunities in the second half, but it just wasn't our day and it wasn't meant to be." The Tigers definitely had their chances, especially after the Rams struck with their first goal. Juan Barrios took a shot that was just wide, and his brother, Roy, fired a shot, but right at La Salle keeper Aidan Figueira. As the first half wound down, emo- tions and competitiveness ran high, and the referees began handing out cards. Two Tolman players were yel- low-carded with less than four minutes to play in the first. "The emotions were high," Silva said. "And the referee didn't under- stand what kind of kids we have, and he let the other team get away with stuff that we don't get (away with). He might not see the little talk or push, but with our guys, it means a lot for us to be here. La Salle is here every TOLMAN From Page 15 BREEZE PHOTOS BY KAYLA PANU Above, St. Raphael Academy senior SPENCER HSU, left, gets ready to fire a shot past Toll Gate senior MATTHEW ROACHE, center, during the opening half. The shot ended up going off a Toll Gate player and past goalkeeper JAYDEN PEREIRA, right, for an 'own goal' that turned out to be the game's only scoring. Right, SRA's ANTOINE SERENA JR., #5, joyously climbs the fence as he and his teammates celebrate their championship with their fans. senior year, we had to do something special. And we did it for everyone, (especially) all the seniors that gradu- ated before us." Three minutes into the game, the Saints were at a disadvantage, as a starting captain, Dylan Polion, needed help off the field after suffering a knee injury. He did not return to the game. "It's sad for him because he's worked his entire life for this game, but I'm glad these guys pulled it out for him," Sagastume said. "It speaks highly of us." The Saints were slow to start, especially after losing Polion. It took almost 12 minutes before Toll Gate keeper Jayden Pereira actually got his hands on the ball. But 13 minutes into the game, Jeffrey Codman took the ball down the field and passed it to Spencer Hsu, who put a shot on Pereira. The ball bounced around, with SRA's Devan Kipyego in the area, and when a Toll Gate player tried to head the ball away, he misdirected it the wrong way and sent it past Pereira for the Saints' goal with 26:40 left in the first half. While the Saints only took three more shots the rest of the way, Munguia and the defense, mean- while, made the Saints' one-goal lead stand, especially in the game's final four minutes. On a free kick, Papa Ndoye put a good shot on net that was headed away by the Saints. Dylan Barlow also tried a shot as Munguia came out of the net, but the Saints' defense was there to kick away the next shot. With 1:33 remaining, the Titans took another kick, this time taken by Pereira from the 50-yard line, and 24 seconds later, they were awarded a penalty kick on a foul in the box. Barlow took the shot, but Munguia blocked it with a dive to his left. "I went to go see (Toll Gate's) semifinal game (against Exeter/West Greenwich)," Munguia noted. "They had a similar play. The person who took it was Dylan and he took (the PK) down the same way, so I knew he was going to go down to the right and I just did what I had to do." "(Munguia) came out big for us, but all these boys are a major part of this," Sagastume said. "For the seniors – we have eight here – it's great for them." In the Saints' win over Scituate, four different players scored goals, Edgardo Cardona, Kipyego, Polion, and Codman, while Spencer King, Codman, and Cardona provided the scoring in SRA's victory over Johnston. Munguia also stopped seven shots in each game. SAINTS From Page 14 BREEZE PHOTO BY KAYLA PANU Tolman High junior midfielder ALIOU SISSOKO, #7, battles La Salle Academy senior midfielder ANDRE VIEIRA for control of the ball during Sunday afternoon's state championship game at Cranston Stadium. The Rams topped the Tigers, 3-0, for the fifth title since 2011. Continues on next page ACROSS 1. Shelter for pigeons 5. Popular lit genre __-fi 8. Used to harvest agave 11. Wintertime accessory 13. "Gandalf" actor McKellen 14. Taxis 15. Political plot 16. Public television 17. Nigerian ethnic group 18. Informal loan clubs 20. "Wheel of For- tune" host 21. C C C 22. North, South and Central make them up 25. In an early way 30. Lied down in rest 31. Female hip-hop trio 32. Improves 33. Genus of macker- el sharks 38. Electronic countermeasures 41. Emerging 43. Balkan body of water 45. A type of delivery 47. Ancient kingdom near Dead Sea 49. Title given to a monk 50. Partner to "oo- hed" 55. "Luther" actor Idris 56. Supporting pin (nautical) 57. Golden peas plant 59. One point north of northeast 60. Unit of measure- ment 61. Where clothes hang 62. Opposite of night 63. A way to change color 64. Korean indepen- dence proponent Syngman DOWN 1. Reciprocal of sine 2. Political organi- zation 3. Defunct funk record label 4. Geological times 5. One who drinks slowly 6. Nightclub enter- tainment 7. Establish in one's mind 8. Restaurants 9. Off-Broadway theater award 10. Requests 12. You don't watch to catch it 14. Intestinal pouch- es 19. Satisfy 23. Wet dirt 24. Regularly re- peated 25. Before 26. The color of Valentine's Day 27. Indicates near 28. Bon __: witty remark 29. One's holdings 34. Request 35. Prefix meaning "badly" 36. Midway between north and north- east 37. Ottoman military title 39. Teased 40. Happily 41. Pie _ __ mode 42. Mars crater 44. Sports TV per- sonality 45. Taxi driver 46. Abba __, Israeli politician 47. The sick are sometimes on it 48. Relating to olives 51. Swiss river 52. Grayish white 53. A way to engrave 54. Where Coach K. works 58. Midway between south and south- east Answers to this week's crossword puzzle can be found on page 21.

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