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©2019 THE VALLEY BREEZE Living THE VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER NOVEMBER 13-19, 2019 Bazaars 7 Calendar 11 Entertainment 3 Movie 9 Real Estate 10 Recipe 6 Classifi eds 14 QUICK INDEX @ GLOCESTER – In historic Chepachet village, there's a diverse range of artist studios and shops run by women, and Kim Belleavoine wants everyone to know that they're here to explore. Learn about creating tattoos, designing stained glass pieces, mak- ing maple syrup or stitching dog collars and more, all part of the 2nd annual Shop Chepachet: Off the Beaten Path, which takes place on Saturday, Nov. 23, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at nine locations around the village. "It's always my goal to get people to come to Chepachet," Belleavoine, of Kim's Painted Glass Designs & Workshops and the event's organizer, told The Valley Breeze. "We want peo- ple to know that these places exist." The diverse list of participants are Kim's Painted Glass Designs & Workshops and Mae Bell Sweets, both at 196 Spring Grove Road; PB&J Pup Bakery and It Takes 2 Designs, both at 192 Spring Grove Road; Holidaze Stained Glass/My Free Spirit, 712 Putnam Pike; Chepachet Farms, 226 Tourtellot Hill Road; Listen To Your Art, 27 Tourtellot Hill Road; Trish Hampton, 1182 Putnam Pike; Lovett's Fine Cigars & Arts, 1184 Putnam Pike; Money Hill Tattoo, 15 Money Shop off the beaten path in Chepachet By MELANIE THIBEAULT Valley Breeze Staff Writer Hill Road; and The Fearless Art Club at Glocester Manton Library, 1137 Putnam Pike. Visitors can pick up a map of all the locations at any of the spots on event day or prior to it at the Glocester Manton Library or Lovett's. Some of the stops are homes, while others are brick-and- mortar shops, Belleavoine said. They are all located within a few- miles radius around the village of Chepachet. People can make a whole day of visiting the shops and studios and then go for dinner at Tavern on Main or go antique shopping in town, she said. All of the participants are women and call themselves the Chepachet Chicks, Belleavoine said. "Everybody really liked the fact that it was all women," which wasn't Learn how to solve behavioral problems early The myth of the first three years has it that whatever habits, traits, dysfunctions and so on that a child develops during this admittedly for- mative period are going to stay with him for life. That is not necessarily so. For example, Romanian orphans that had suffered severe emotional and physical neglect during infancy and toddlerhood recovered fully after being placed with American families. When put in play groups with American-born kids who were living with biological parents, they could not be identified reliably. The adoption-babblers have a difficult time explaining that, by the way. Nonetheless, the third birthday is a parenting "hump" of sorts. Pre-1960s parents understood that the so-called "terrible twos" were just that: to wit, an 18-month developmental period (roughly between 18 and 36 months) marked by tantrums, defiance, vio- lent outbursts and other antisocial behaviors. During this same period, it is essential that effective disciplin- ary precedents be set such that the terrible twos do not become the terri- fying threes, frightful fours, fearsome fives, shocking sixes and so on (the nauseating 19s?). Behavior problems not resolved by the 3rd birthday (or thereabouts) are going to be increasingly challeng- ing for both parents and child. The parents are now behind the curve concerning the discipline of the child, and the further behind the curve they Traditional Parenting JOHN ROSEMOND These painted panels by KIM BELLEAVOINE, of Kim's Painted Glass Designs & Workshops in Chepachet, are available for viewing and purchase at the 2nd annual Shop Chepachet: Off the Beaten Path on Saturday, Nov. 23. BELLEAVOINE See CHEPACHET, Page 8 See PARENTING, Page 13

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