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4 ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS GUIDE NOVEMBER 7-13, 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS | BASICS We know age is the single most critical factor. According to the National Institute on Aging, about one-third of all Americans who are 85 years and older may have Alzheimer's disease. The num- ber of people who have Alzheimer's doubles every five years among people who are older than 65. Age-related changes in the brain, like shrinking of parts of the brain, inflammation, the production of free radicals (unstable mol- ecules within the body), and the breakdown of energy pro- duction inside cells all are linked to the damage of brain cells, which contributes to Alzheimer's damage. Apart from age, there's a lot more to this disease. Genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors likely contribute to Alzheimer's, but the impor- tance of each risk factor dif- fers among populations and individuals. Mutations or damage to genes can lead to early onset familial Alzheimer's and other diseas- es. Genes also can have a vari- ant that increases someone's risk of contracting the disease but doesn't directly cause it. Both early and late onset Alzheimer's diseases have a genetic component. As if that weren't enough question marks, other factors related to individual lifestyles can have an effect on the development of Alzheimer's, including possibly affecting the likelihood of an individual getting the disease. Researchers have looked at the relationship between the decline in brain activity and conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Additionally, staying physi- cally and mentally healthy throughout life has beneficial effects. The NIA recommends a nutritious diet filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unsaturated fats that come from nuts and fish; physical activity, which can range from 30-minute walks five to seven times a week to kickboxing, hiking, running or weight-lifting (talk to your doctor about what you can safely do if you're not sure or are starting a new exercise regime); social engagement. There is no science demon- strating that these lifestyle factors reduce the risk of cog- nitive decline, but they will contribute to greater overall health. What Causes Alzheimer's? It's complicated. © ADOBE STOCK Content Produced by Green Shoot Media. © 2019 ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS | BASICS Saturday November 9 2019 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 1894 Smith Street North Providence, RI 02911 Phone: 401-353-9090 Toll-Free: 1-877-762-9191 Fax: 401-353-1919 Most insurance accepted Open to the Public "Free Delivery" Alpha Surgical, Inc. Home Medical Equipment & Supplies Ambulatory Products • Wheelchairs • Hospital Beds Bathroom Safety Products • Daily Living Aids Diabetic Shoes & Supplies • Compression Socks Orthopedic Products • Daily Living Aids Blood Pressure Monitors

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