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16 PAWTUCKET NOVEMBER 6-12, 2019 | VALLEY BREEZE | PAWTUCKET EDITION making adjustments based on data, he said. She has shared her vision with the commit- tee and she is committed to building on the results. The committee fully supports the plan she has laid out for the district, he said. McWilliams said the suc- cess of the city's full-service Community Schools on RICAS results this year only reinforces her desire to incorporate more of these schools under the model of them being the hub of activ- ity for the community. Agnes Little, Fallon and Winters all saw improvement, she said. Community schools have a direct impact on school attendance and how students feel about themselves, she said. Other success stories include ELA going up at various schools, and ELA among 6th-graders and 3rd- graders improving. Across the district, 3rd-graders improved from 30 percent to 37 percent in ELA profi- ciency, "a very positive trend as extensive research shows that 3rd-grade reading pro- ficiency is a key predictor of future academic success," she said. "These improvements are a testament to the cur- riculum implementation of Self-Regulated Strategy Development framework where students and teachers have developed a common language about high expecta- tions and the concrete steps needed to meet those expec- tations," she said. The goal is to do "a lot of necessary work" to "continue doing what we're doing," said McWilliams. She said she doesn't feel satisfied to stack Pawtucket up against other urban communities, but wants to see it competing among the suburban districts. "I'm confident we're on the right road," she said. Analyzing the data to bring change is a "powerful, pow- erful thing," she said. It will help staff determine if a student is not understanding a certain question or what other challenge they're fac- ing. "RICAS results once again show that we have a great deal of work ahead of us to raise achievement for all Pawtucket students," she said. "We are committed to this work and using data from RICAS as an impor- tant measurement – one of many – to help us tailor our curriculum, interventions, and wrap around services to improve student learning." Staffers are hopeful that this year will bring positive results from the adoption of a K-3 literacy curriculum from ARC, said McWilliams. Current 3rd-graders who were the first in the program when they were in kindergar- ten will be taking the RICAS next spring. Too often, said McWilliams, local educa- tors focus solely on RICAS scores, rather than the under- lying factors that are hold- ing their students back from achievement. "That is why the Pawtucket School District is commit- ted to improving the social and emotional health of our students," she said. "We are laser focused on this critical element to student success, and that's why we are so excited about our new grant funded partnership with Bradley Hospital and the Rhode Island Departments of Education and Health to pro- vide clinical mental health services for students and families, behavioral health professional development for our teachers, and crisis response services for students and families experiencing mental health emergencies." RESULTS From Page 4 One Voice presents musical at Woodlawn Baptist Church Sunday PAWTUCKET – The Musical Ensemble One Voice will present the musi- cal "America A Pilgrim's Prayer A Patriot's Dream" at Woodlawn Baptist Church, 337 Lonsdale Ave., on Sunday, Nov. 10, at the morning worship service at 10:30 a.m. One Voice has been min- istering throughout New England since 2005. Some of the selections in the musi- cal are "My Country Tis of Thee," "America" and "How Great Thou Art." For more information, call 401-724-6390. St. Luke's Church hosts Fundraiser Trivia Night Nov. 16 PAWTUCKET – St. Luke's Church, 670 Weeden St., will be hosting a Roast Beef Dinner and Trivia Night on Saturday, Nov. 16, at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $15, which includes the cost of trivia. College Crusade of R.I. will host application night Nov. 14 PAWTUCKET – The College Crusade of Rhode Island, whose mission is to prepare and inspire young people in Rhode Island to become the first in their fami- lies to attend and complete college, will host an applica- tion night at the Pawtucket Public Library on Thursday, Nov. 14, for 6th-grade stu- dents at all Pawtucket schools. The College Crusade offers students year-round pro- gramming through middle and high school, supportive advising, and college appli- cation and admission guid- ance and support – all at no cost to families. Programs include after-school academic and enrichment programs, Saturday and summer learn- ing opportunities, career exploration activities, college visits, PSAT and SAT prepa- ration, assistance with finan- cial aid forms and more.

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