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6 ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS GUIDE NOVEMBER 7-13, 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS | RESEARCH To do this research, they look for people at various stages of Alzheimer's to partic- ipate in clinical trials to deter- mine whether these new treatments are safe and effec- tive. The Alzheimer's Association explains what you need to know about clinical trials and how you can get involved. WHY ARE CLINICAL TRIALS IMPORTANT? For new drugs, the Food and Drug Administration requires three phases of clini- cal trials before releasing the drugs to the market. For most drugs, the trial is designed to compare the new treatment to the current best treatment on the market. If there is no drug on the market, the trials com- pare the new treatment to a placebo. WHAT TREATMENTS ARE BEING STUDIED? There are two types of treat- ment trials: those that study treatments aimed at reducing symptoms and treatments intended to slow or stop the disease. For the first type of treatment trial, studies look at whether changing the dose or schedule of a medication makes a difference, or wheth- er those medications will work better in concert with other drugs. Treatment trials of the second type introduce new drugs, which represent new ways of approaching treat- ment. WHAT OTHER TYPES OF TRIALS ARE THERE? Some researchers are look- ing for better ways to diag- nose Alzheimer's. These stud- ies may one day lead to a diagnostic method that is measurably reliable and easy for doctors to apply. These will help doctors be more laser-focused on what symp- toms to look for and miss fewer of those earlier cases. Researchers also are look- ing at possible preventative techniques like medications, vitamins and lifestyle chang- es, usually working with groups that are considered high-risk, and quality of life studies, which look for ways to better address the support, education and emotional needs of people with Alzheimer's and their caregiv- ers. HOW TO GET INVOLVED Talk to your doctor about available clinical trials for which you qualify. If you are in a support group or seeking mental health counseling, see what resources they can rec- ommend to connect with you these trials. People whose loved ones have Alzheimer's or have been told they are at risk for the disease can reach out as well. Participating in a Clinical Trial Researchers who study Alzheimer's are always testing new drugs and other clinical and therapeutic treatments to prevent, slow the progress of, and maybe one day cure the disease. © ADOBE STOCK Content Produced by Green Shoot Media. © 2019 ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS | RESEARCH Medicaid is a state administered program that is funded to a great extent by the Social Security trust fund. It provides for payment of medical services and long term nursing home care for those who qualify. Because of the ever increasing cost of long term nursing home George M. Prescott ATTORNEY AT LAW 300 Front Street, Lincoln, Rhode Island, 02865-0089 (401) 726-5577 Courtesy of: Review Your Trust Annually To Protect Your Assets The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law. The Court does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice. care, both the federal and state governments periodically amend the Medicaid statutes and regulations in order to further limit eligibility for the program. Therefore, if you have had a living Trust prepared to shelter your assets from nursing home expenses and enhance your chances of qualifying for Medicaid long term care benefits after a five year look back period, you should have that Trust reviewed annually and revised if necessary to be sure it conforms to the current Medicaid statutes and regulations. It is part of my regular practice to prepare living Trusts to both avoid probate of a client's estate and protect their assets from nursing home costs during their lifetime. I also review and update those Trusts, and similar Trusts prepared by other attorneys upon request. If you are concerned about possible long term care expenses and would like to discuss your concerns with me, please call my office for an appointment. There is no fee for the initial consultation. – George M. Prescott

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