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CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 6, 2019 IN OUR SCHOOLS 9 At CHS: Student and teacher interview each other For this week's piece from Cumberland High School, teacher Jonathan Dowiot and senior Heather Marszalkowski interviewed each other. Here are their answers, as relayed by Marszalkowski. Asked by Dowiot, answered by Marszalkowski: As a senior, what do you think you'll miss most about CHS? As a senior, I think I will miss the people in which I have formed close bonds with over the past four years at Cumberland High School. What is the biggest challenge to being a successful student in 2019? The biggest challenge for me this year has been both time management and meeting expecta- tions. As a senior, I am currently applying to colleges and multiple scholarships in hopes of being accepted into a university next fall. While simultaneously doing this, I have the expectation to still main- tain grades, a job, and engage in stu- dent government affiliated activities, which are heavily heightened during spirit week. What's something about CHS that you wished people outside of the school knew about? I wish that people outside of our school could be aware of the closely knit community in which the Clippers are a part of. Growing up in the small town of Cumberland, I believe that the majority of residents in this town can agree that "every- one knows (almost) everyone," which is even more apparent within the school environment. With this being said, I believe that our school does a good job at maintaining togetherness and unity within its walls. What are your plans for next year? Although undecided as to which particular New England university, next fall I hope to com- mence my "next chapter" in earning a bachelor's degree in health sci- ences. Favorite ice cream in Cumberland? Ice Cream Machine, hands down. Asked by Marszalkowski, answered by Dowiot: What made you want to become a teacher? I had a his- tory teacher whose class I thor- oughly enjoyed going to. I consid- ered it inspiring that my teacher, Mr. Sullivan, could turn a subject that typically is seen as boring and monotonous into something enjoy- able, and I wanted to do the same. What is your favorite mem- ory you've made throughout your teaching career? Hearing back from prior students about how my class and overall personality has had an impact on their lives. What important lessons have you learned from your stu- dents over the years? The most important lesson I have learned over the years is that everyone has their own story. If I came in each day and taught thinking that every student had the same background, I would not adequately be doing my job. Before you became a teach- er, was there another profes- sion you considered? Before pursuing my teaching career, my mother pushed for me to be a model; however, the agencies vehe- mently disagreed. What do you like most about your job? I enjoy every aspect of my job, but working with adminis- tration to ensure that all of my stu- dents have a safe working environ- ment and being a part of this is my favorite part. Teacher JON DOWIOT and CHS student HEATHER MARSZALKOWSKI. got a news tip? Call 401-334-9555, ext. 122 or e-mail it to

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