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4 AT HOME OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 6, 2019 | VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION Apple cider sauerkraut recipe brings memories of family CUMBERLAND – Autumn, espe- cially during the month of October, is a perfect time to get the crockpot out and make a hearty and satisfying meal such as the sauerkraut and pork chops with apple cider recipe shared by Regina Carter. It is an especially appropriate dish for a gal whose family (parents) immi- grated to this country in 1953 from Germany. She and another sibling were born in the United States, but her eldest three siblings were born in Germany. Paul, her father, was displaced, "plucked" from the street and made to serve as a "second class" serviceman in the German army, Regina said. "He was a 17-year-old boy and it was wartime." That was what brought him eventually to the small Bavarian vil- lage in the foothills of the Alps (after the war) looking for work on a farm with four of his friends. He came from a tiny country near Lithuania and met her mother Madeline, from Bavaria, at a dance. Though Madeline's family had a farm, Paul did not work on that one, she added. They were married and stayed married for 62 years, when her dad passed away. Regina still recalls her mother's advice to her on her wedding day: "Put the marriage first and the children will follow," she shared. The family first lived in the Boston area and later moved to North Attleboro, Mass. "It was hard at first," she said. "My parents were looked at as the enemy because they were German." It was difficult to acclimate. "But my parents both worked really hard, and with five children, we strug- gled to make it barely up to middle class level," Regina shared. Since she was the youngest, she realizes now that she had it a little bit easier. "The others had moved out and there was more money (for me to have things)." She was able to travel back to Germany several times with her mother and meet her cousins and extended family. She learned to appreciate the cultural traditions, the language and foods. "The best time to go there is during Oktoberfest," she said. "The food is amazing." "Like in most homes, Mom made a mainstay meal from her culture that was always in the fridge to heat up. Ours was sauerkraut, bountiful cab- bage that grows in subpar cold soil. Nothing brings me home to childhood like the smell of slow cooking sauer- kraut," Regina said. The recipe had another function too. Upon marrying for the second time after meeting her husband on a blind date, they had a child "a bit later in life." Regina soon realized her little boy had a digestive issue after he began eating solid foods. "I tweaked this recipe to help with his stomach issues," she shared. In hindsight it appeared he'd had a milk allergy that did not present typically so a paleo diet helped and this recipe fit in well for him. Ironically she said, "He's a tween now, healed, and he won't go near it!" REGINA CARTER, of Cumberland, shares her recipe for sauerkraut and pork chops in apple cider, which she makes in a crockpot and serves with rye bread. 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