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10 NORTH PROVIDENCE PUBLIC SAFETY COMPLEX SEPTEMBER 11-17, 2019 | NORTH PROVIDENCE EDITION NORTH PROVIDENCE – Sure, someone could throw a couple treadmills and some fancy weights into the new North Providence Public Safety Complex, but Chief David Tikoian said peak fitness of local police and firefighters was too important not to take a more measured approach. An ad hoc committee established by Tikoian and led by Patrolman Justin Ferreira has been research- ing how to create a fitness center ideal for helping public safety workers do their jobs to the best of their abilities. "Our goal for the fitness room was to focus on functional strength and cardiovascular endurance. Through research and experi- ence, we felt these two aspects of fitness would benefit the agency the most by reducing injury and stress, while also assisting officers' ability to complete the daily tasks required of first responders," said Ferreira. Tikoian was able to get a door moved in the back hallway of the new complex to allow access to the fitness room to both police and firefighters in a common area for both departments. This is one of those natural places where the jobs should intersect, he says. The chief pulled the $30,000 in fitness equipment out of the original plan for the complex, instead deciding to have a com- mittee come up with its own plan. Police were scheduled to meet with Purchasing Agent Mike Mooney this month to draft bid specifica- tions on the equipment, which is expected to cost about $20,000, $10,000 less than the original plan. Ferreira said the committee con- tacted four local fitness equipment vendors and discussed the room's dimensions, the department's size, and the potential equipment. Members also obtained layouts from nearby safety facilities to use as a guide. They reviewed configu- rations and specifications for each piece of equipment to determine functionality, reliability, and price. "We feel we were able to obtain fitness equipment geared to assist our members on the job, while still remaining financially prudent to the budget," he said in an email. For functional strength, commit- tee members requested equipment that focuses on a full-body work- out. They incorporated a pair of half-racks/cages (squats/deadlifts/ pull-ups/press movements), dumb- bells, kettlebells, and a functional trainer (cable-based movements). "These pieces of equipment allow our personnel to exercise multiple body parts through compound (works multiple muscle groups at the same time) and isolated move- ments," he said. For cardiovascular endurance, they requested several pieces of equipment to encourage diversity in workouts, including a rowing machine, exercise fan bike, and a heavy bag, along with the more common treadmill and elliptical. "Exercise fan bikes are ben- eficial because unlike traditional stationary bikes, they incorporate your arms and back within the workout," he said. "As a result, the workout increases your heart rate in a shorter time period, making it more effective. A heavy bag is beneficial because aside from the cardiovascular benefits, it supports core stability, upper-body strength, and self-defense skills." The list doesn't necessarily differ from a traditional gym, he said, as you can find most if not all of this equipment in any commercial gym. Police have received a pair of $1,000 checks from the 100 Club of Rhode Island to go toward the fitness equipment. Complex's new fitness room focuses on functional strength By ETHAN SHOREY Valley Breeze Managing Editor The FITNESS ROOM at the safety complex is quite barren right now but will soon have equipment designed to meet the specific fitness needs of police officers and firefighters. BREEZE PHOTO BY ETHAN SHOREY K & R Auto Salvage, Inc. JUNK CARS WANTED! Get the Maximum Dollar for your Car!!! Go right to the source. Pickup Available. Wholesaler for Used Auto Parts Parts for All Makes and Models Foreign & Domestic! 950 Smithfield Road North Providence, RI 02904 (401) 353-9200 or 1-800-638-8089 Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m. View our inventory at 90-Day Standard Warranty Extended Available Welcome to Your New Home!

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