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14 SENIOR LIVING GUIDE AUGUST 8-14, 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE SENIOR LIVING | STAYING FIT © ADOBE STOCK Try to incorporate a few of these healthy habits, recommended by Parent Giving, to feel better and live longer. QUIT SMOKING Smoking tobacco can cause cancer, stroke and heart failure. It also affects your skin by causing excessive wrin- kling weakening skin elasticity. If you're having difficulty quitting cold turkey, try cutting back with the aid of nicotine gum or patches. STAY ACTIVE You should do something that boosts your strength, flexibility and balance. Participate in activities that help you stay at a healthy weight to prevent heart issues, sleep better and reduce stress. EAT WELL The right diet will make it easier to remain active. Schedule an appoint- ment with a nutritionist to find the eating plan that will benefit you the most. Dietary changes and exercise can prevent or control illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT Carrying around excessive weight is dangerous for your heart and pro- motes diseases such as diabetes. Find out what your ideal weight is for your body type and work to achieve it. You can maintain it by staying active and eating right. PREVENT FALLS Analyze your home for fall risks and eliminate them. Things such as loose carpets or rugs, cluttered walkways and unlit hallways should all be addressed. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. In most cases, they can be easily avoided. STAY UP-TO-DATE ON IMMUNIZATIONS AND SCREENINGS Staying on top of your health is cru- cial, especially as you age. Follow your doctor's orders and receive the immunizations and life-saving screening schedule they provide to watch for serious health problems. MANAGE STRESS Try to limit the amount of stress you put yourself through. Exercising and meditation have shown to relieve pent-up frustration. You also should make time to socialize with friends and peers, as positive thinking has beneficial effects on our health. 7 Healthy Habits for Seniors If your age is catching up to you, there may be some lifestyle changes you can make to give you a boost in energy and better overall health. Content Produced by Green Shoot Media. © 2019 SENIOR LIVING | STAYING FIT To schedule a tour, call 401-949-3880, ext. 109 20 Austin Avenue, Greenville, RI 02828 Let Us Help You Make The Right Move Traditional Assisted Living Two Memory Care Communities Subacute Skilled Nursing & Rehab Memory Skilled & Long-term Care Move in before September 30, 2019 and we'll pay for the moving costs! (Not to exceed $450)

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