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CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | AUGUST 8-14, 2019 LINCOLN / LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 19 Zuck: Trash concerns are not 'wild' complaints I would like to add my voice to the growing chorus of Cumberland residents frustrated with our new garbage bins. While Public Works Director Bob Anderson is correct that "there are no holes going through the cover or body of this cart," a close inspec- tion of the bin reveals that – while the cover is correctly in place, not warped and not askew – I am able to poke my finger underneath the hinge and through a gap into the barrel. (Try it yourself before call- ing me crazy.) It is here that air and odors are allowed to escape, thereby attracting flies and leading to the maggots that I found in my bin with- in the first week. This despite carefully bagging and tying all of my trash – the same way I've bagged and tied it for the past eight years, with no evidence of flies or maggots until now. I am frustrated that this issue wasn't noticed from the start, and frustrated that town officials seem to be dismissing these as "wild" com- plaints. BILL ZUCK Cumberland Hindle: Something needs to be done about trash bins I have never had maggots in my trash barrels. The officials saying there is not a problem with the new barrels is a cop out and bull----. I invite the mayor to come to my house on a Thursday night to put out my trash barrels with the maggots crawling out the top and down the sides. It is disgusting and the unhealthiest thing I have ever seen. Something needs to be done about this problem. A recall would be great. VIRGINIA HINDLE Cumberland A day at the races NATHAN SHIPPEE, 15, left, of Foster, and his brother JUSTIN, 12, race slot cars at the Diecast Jam last Saturday sponsored by the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club at the MacColl YMCA in Lincoln. BREEZE PHOTOS BY BILL MURPHY KEN DORR, of Lincoln, sends two cars down the track during the Diecast Jam. The event fea- tured vendor tables with Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning and other types of die cast vehicles to buy, sell, and trade, live auctions to raise money for A Wish Come True and Operation Stand Down, raffles, a silent auction, downhill racing, food trucks and a car cruise. Little AVA NITENSON, 2, of Johnston, chooses two cars to try on the track at the Diecast Jam. Below, VENDOR TABLES fill the gymna- sium at McColl YMCA. Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor are welcome from readers. Please: • Limit to 500 words. Longer letters may appear online only. • Letters on local or state topics and issues will take precedence over those on national issues. • No more than one letter per person every 8 weeks, please. • All letters must be signed and include a hometown. Send by e-mail to:, or mail to The Valley Breeze, 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204, Lincoln, RI 02865. LOOKING FOR SAVINGS AROUND THE HOME! When it comes to saving money on their homeowners policies, property owners should begin by scheduling a meeting with their agents to make sure they are paying a competitive price. Beyond that, policyholders may want to consider raising the deductibles on their policies. Although this will increase their potential out-of- pocket expense in the event of a reported loss, it will lower their premium. It also pays to look at the land upon which the house sits. If homeowners are including the value of the land when calculating the amount of coverage needed, they may be purchasing more insurance than is necessary since fire and other perils do not destroy the land and foundation upon which the house sits. Median home prices hover around $200,000, which means your home is the biggest investment you'll likely make in your life. The purpose of homeowner's insurance is to protect that investment should it be damaged or destroyed. However, protecting such a big investment doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you need to insure your home, please call HUNTER INSURANCE, INC. at 769-9500, or see us at 389 Old River Rd., Lincoln. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year! NOTE: The only difference between "replacement cost" and "actual cash value" is a deduction for depreciation.

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