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12 SENIOR LIVING GUIDE AUGUST 8-14, 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE SENIOR LIVING | TRAVEL Plan to bring the little ones along for the adventure of your lives. If you haven't spent an extended time alone with your grandchildren, a trial run before you invest in an expen- sive trip is important. Talk with their parents about any nighttime issues their children may have, such as nightmares, trouble sleeping or inconti- nence. While remaining close to home, invite them over for an overnight or weekend visit. If all goes well, plan your trip but don't forget to listen for the kiddos' input. This vacation is just as much for them. Here are some other considerations you should make before leaving for vaca- tion. FOLLOW MOM AND DAD'S RULES While you may not be famil- iar with asking your children for permission, it's respectful to ensure you are following wishes regarding their kids. Ask about any special instructions they have about their behavior and how to resolve it. For instance, if a child talks back or tries to act out, you should know how to keep punishments consistent. It's important to have your grandchildren's respect so they don't test their limits and bring this misbehavior home. WHERE WILL YOU GO? Consider talking with a local travel agent to find a combi- nation tour tailored to grand- parents and their grandchil- dren. These specialized trips will give the entire group a chance to socialize with peers of the same age from all over the world. Booking a rental property nearby favorite tourist loca- tions is another good idea. These condos are usually less expensive than staying at hotels for a few nights, plus they offer enough room to give everyone their own space. Camping is another experi- ence to share with your grand- children. You can teach them the value of nature and show them useful skills such as fire building, outdoor cooking and fishing. WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING? In addition to luggage and supplies you'll need for your vacation, you also should bring a few special documents along. Get notarized letters from the parents giving their permission for you to travel with the children and one giv- ing permission for you to make decisions about medical care. You'll also want copies of the children's medical and dental insurance cards. Hopefully these forms will stay in your suitcase, but it's best to be prepared for issues. Vacation with Grandchildren Taking your grandchildren with you on a vacation is a wholesome experience for the entire family. Whether it's a cruise, camping trip or visiting an amusement park, the journey will help build the bond you have. © ADOBE STOCK Content Produced by Green Shoot Media. © 2019 SENIOR LIVING | TRAVEL

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