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VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION | JULY 11-17, 2019 ENTERTAINMENT 5 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' is another winner HHHHH Three months ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe culminated its 10-year, 22-movie run with the tour de force "Avengers: Endgame." "Endgame" saw the demise of some key characters in the long- running franchise that has amassed a mind boggling $2.7 billion world- wide in ticket sales. So, for Kevin Feige, the master- mind behind this amazing success story of number one hit movie after another, how do you follow that up but with another engaging, rollicking and fun escapade with the friendly neighborhood crimefighter known as Spider-Man. But here's where Feige and those he chooses to write these movies hit home runs; rather than just present an adventure, they go for the heart and heartstrings by showing a broken hero who is still struggling, months after helping to victoriously vanquish the evil threat known as Thanos. Picking up eight months after the return of everyone that Thanos has snapped away, the return is now being referred to as the blip. There's a quick, humorous look at how those who have returned are now reintegrating back into society and the trouble and confusion it has caused. Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) is working with the Salvation Army to help raise money for people who are homeless. We also find out that she and Happy Hogan ( Jon Favreau), Tony Stark's driver/bodyguard were also snapped away and now that they're back have begun dating. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is of course holding up OK. He's still doing his part on a smaller scale to help prevent crime and injustice locally but clearly is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after having witnessed and survived all he did including the loss of his mentor and pseudo-father figure Stark. As Peter and his classmates embark on a summer vacation trip across Europe, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) shows up needing his help to combat threats known as the Elementals, destructive monsters that feed off water and fire and are show- ing up sporadically. A new hero also arrives in the form of Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who claims to be from an alternate Earth. Peter is both fas- cinated by the prospect of multiple Earths and by the gusto and determi- nation of this heroic new player. Of course, all is not as it seems and Spider-Man's trust is betrayed. "Far from Home" is an outstanding pal- ette cleanser to follow "Endgame." It directly addresses the fallout and ramifications from "Endgame" but also presents a troubled and shaken Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Holland is hands down the best Spider-Man yet. He embodies and captures the awe, humor and youth- fulness of the character. There's a playfulness even when there's immi- nent peril and Spidey cracks jokes. Holland shines brightest as Peter, because of his zest, chipper attitude and how well he plays off of oth- ers, especially MJ (Zendaya), but his exchanges with best friend Ned ( Jacob Batalon) and nemesis Flash (Tony Revolori) are equally memo- rable. The film also borrows to a degree from the highly successful animated "Into the Spider-Verse" and the showdown sequences in the third act are spectacular and the manipula- tion of reality was evocative of the groundbreaking animated scenes in that film. The supporting cast all have the bright moments, especially May and Happy who serve up possibly some of the best laughs of all. Another win from team Marvel and Disney. The film is rated PG-13. Film Unfiltered TOM BURKE ACROSS 1. Doctors' group 4. One millionth of a gram 7. Contrary to 8. Oohed and __ 10. Popular sand- wiches 12. Construction site machine 13. Variety act 14. Fall back 16. An electrically charged atom 17. Mountain lakes 19. Japanese classi- cal theater 20. Pesky insect 21. Natural wonders 25. Design file exten- sion 26. Genus of grasses 27. Container for shipping 29. Theron film "__ Flux" 30. Get older 31. Chinese surname 32. Edith Bunker actress 39. Natives to Myan- mar 41. Soda comes in it 42. Counting frames 43. Where some get their mail (abbr.) 44. Having ten 45. Assn. of oil-pro- ducing countries 46. A type of cigar 48. World's longest river 49. Single-celled animal 50. Decay 51. General's assis- tant (abbr.) 52. Pigpen DOWN 1. __ and Costello 2. Islamic teacher 3. Clothing 4. Disfigure 5. Irons 6. NW Italian seaport 8. Play a role 9. A reduction 11. Short poem set to music 14. Pain unit 15. Get in form 18. Junior's father 19. To the __ degree 20. Wild or sweet cherry 22. Content 23. Earn a perfect score 24. Korean surname 27. Herb __, San Francisco colum- nist 28. Ottoman military commander 29. Satisfaction 31. Kids' TV channel (abbr.) 32. Poke quickly 33. Pouch 34. City of Angels 35. Dark olive black 36. Nocturnal hoofed mammals 37. Wild cat 38. Fine detail 39. Prevents harm to creatures 40. A city in Loui- siana 44. Everyone has their own 47. Basics Answers to this week's crossword puzzle can be found on page 9. Talk to Roger Bouchard or Jeff Gamache and plan your own show. One hour segments of radio time available for specialized talk or music segments. Programs can be Spanish, Italian or Greek. Programs can be jazz, blues, oldies or whatever. Use your imagination. Less expensive than you think. Your programs also stream on the internet at Interested? Call and discuss the possibilities. 769-6925 News/Talk 1380/WNRI since 1954 WNRI/1380 Host your own Radio Show?

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