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VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION | MAY 23-29, 2019 ENTERTAINMENT 5 and have fun with it. Or as my daughter Kathy would say, to seize the moment and run with it. In no time at all, we quickly found a list of who was running, made our picks, and directed Tom to place our bets. The Derby was suddenly of prime interest to all of us as we turned on the TV, watched the horses being led to the starting gate, and then cheered ... no, make that screamed encouragement to our picks on as they galloped to the fin- ish line. It was wild and funny, and we were all pretty excited as we tried to sort out who had won what. It was also the start of our taking an interest in the Derby every year even without any real bets being placed. This year, I was at Kathy's for the weekend when I suddenly noticed the time. Ten minutes to kick off or whatever the horse racing term is for take off. "Quick," I shouted, "could someone please turn the TV on. The Kentucky Derby is about to kick off," as I simultaneously began Googling the listing of horses and jockeys. "Who wants to place a bet? Five dollars per bet and whoever's horse comes in closest to first wins, or if more than one bets on the winner the pot is split." With time running out the betting was fast and furious. A total of seven bets were placed. I then quickly scrawled out tickets with each person's picks by name and number so we would know who to cheer on. Yowza! We all screamed as my son- in-law Ken's horse crossed the finish line and I handed over the $35 prize money. "But wait! What's going on there? Someone is challenging the results." We watched and waited as video after video showed the moment when the winner had fouled and was then finally disqualified with a new winner being declared. No bets had been placed on the new winner, but lo and behold, my first choice horse (chosen because I liked the jockey) had placed second and the prize was mine. I know it sounds stupid, but that silly half hour or so of excitement infused the whole otherwise hum- drum weekend with a certain sense of fun. I was still hyped a day or two later when telling someone else about it all. Heck, truth be told, I am still smiling about it even as I write this. Kathy and I were talking about it just this past weekend when I decided that next year I would host a gathering here on Derby Day. The plans are still nebulous, but at the very least there will be food (isn't there always?) and definitely mint juleps in appropriate glassware. Bets will be placed, although I'm not sure yet how. Oh, and there will be hats. Of course, there will be hats! I remembered how years ago at one of our Shower Group showers (a whole other story) here at my house, in lieu of traditional favors I had instructed the ladies to bring glue guns and I had set up a table full of flowers and ribbons and provided a big straw hat for each person to decorate as door hangings that were very popular at the time. Perfect! We can do the same thing again, only this time they will be hats for us to wear. We will have hats, glue guns, and piles of ribbons, flowers, feathers, and what-have-you, maybe even yards of tulle with which to fashion our own amazing Derby hats. We will eat, drink, and make merry. We will place bets. We will take pictures of ourselves in our finery, and scream at the TV screen as the horses run their little hearts out for us. We will democratize the Derby. It will be such fun. I can hardly wait for Derby Day to roll around again. Rhea Bouchard Powers is a writer from Cumberland. RHEA From Page One 'John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum' is a nonstop action ride ★★★1/2 It is amazing to think that Keanu Reeves has had such a long career going back to late 1989 when he was first noticed as Ted in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," before blowing up in "Speed," "Point Break" then playing Neo in the "Matrix" trilogy. Over the last decade he has turned in smaller roles in offbeat, indepen- dent films but he has also developed a cult following as a hitman named John Wick. The first Wick film did not really find its legs until after its release and flourished through word of mouth, streaming and DVD rent- als. The subsequent sequel almost felt more like a video game with the extremely high (and sometimes laughable) body count. That film ended with the title character on the run with a countdown against him as a $14 million dollar bounty was put on his head by his employers for breaking one of their internal codes. This new film, "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum," wastes no time in establishing the challenge fac- ing Wick (Reeves) as he tries to find his way through New York City while anyone with a weapon is going to attempt to assassinate him. After get- ting knifed by one such assailant in the New York Public Library, he gets sewn up in Chinatown before he has a fight in a warehouse against eight thugs with knives. The fight choreog- raphy in this film is the best yet and they've definitely upped the expecta- tions in this outing. Wick then finds himself before his adoptive grandmother played by Angelica Huston, who is another shadowy figure from his past. She helps him to get out of the city and gives him safe passage to Casablanca where he seeks out Halle Berry's character, Sofia. She owes him a debt and he calls in his marker with her to seek an audience with The Elder, who John hopes can make things right again. Berry has two dogs and they are both bodyguards and weap- ons at her disposal. She and Wick have to fight their way out of one failed meeting in a highly choreo- graphed street fight. Reeves is a nuanced actor and hardly emotes, and here as Wick all he has to do is continue to show his aptitude at gunplay and close- quarters combat. He is, for the time being, the closest thing to an American action hero. The support- ing actors all have their roles to play but this is, and always has been, Reeves' standout role. Even YouTube videos of him training on the gun range highlight the fervor over this action film and his personal dedica- tion to making the realism markedly different from other, similar fare. He has adopted this character fully and realizes what a fan favorite Wick has become. There's a point late in the film where you actually begin to feel exhausted from the sheer magnitude of the excessive killing and the non- stop pace and unrelenting, almost mechanical conditioning of Wick. His ability to dispatch every bad guy thrown against him is automatic. But the film has more than enough innovative fight scenes and the bru- tality may be at an all-time high in this third chapter. Director Chad Stahelski, himself a former stuntman and stunt director, has helmed all three Wick films and his keen aware- ness for intense action sequences that have propelled them. The film is rated R. Film Unfiltered TOM BURKE KEANU REEVES, left, is back as ex- hitman John Wick who seeks the help of Sofia, played by HALLE BERRY in "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum." Dining Guide This Memorial Day, Relax and Let Pauly Do It! 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