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PAWTUCKET EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | MAY 22-28, 2019 LETTERS / PAWTUCKET 15 breweries and the coming new train station as key wins, but maintains that "the missing link right now is getting the bike path done." That bike path, discussed since the late 1990s, is a pivotal piece in opening up the river- front so people can see and enjoy it, he said. Once the bike path connects the area, he said, "businesses will want to move in." "We made a commitment to work with the city and the state on the bike path," he said. The Blackstone River, with its three nearby waterfalls, continues to be cleaned up, said Sullivan, and its beautiful landscape really should be showcased. Instead, the state seems to keep shifting funds away from the bike path extension through Pawtucket. "It's very important to Rhode Island as a state to support Pawtucket and the Blackstone Valley," said Sullivan. "The state dropped the ball" on a new downtown stadium for the Pawtucket Red Sox, and more needs to be done to replace Memorial Hospital, he said, but there are also plenty of success stories and "a lot happening." Pawtucket has affordable spaces compared to Providence and plenty of parking, he said. Collette is one of the largest tour operators in the world, said Sullivan, creating "original, authentic tour packages," and "we want that to be our space." People love working here, he said, and the culture at Collette is that people live, work and play all in the same community. "I foresee Pawtucket going back to its roots where it was so busy that you couldn't really move on the side- walks," he said. The Breeze reported last fall on Collette's deal with the state to take part in the Qualified Jobs Tax Incentive program to create more than 75 new permanent full-time jobs in the state. The program was cred- ited with helping convince the com- pany to stay in the city. Memorial Day is a day of honor and reflection The month of May is tradition- ally associated with nice weather (working on it), beautiful flowers, and cookouts, and where a Sunday is set aside to honor our beloved mothers. May is also home to Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a day to reflect upon, honor, and remember all men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our Armed Forces. On Memorial Day, and as often as possible, proudly display our American flag. The flag, like the Statue of Liberty, is yet another symbol that represents freedom. Freedom that was fought for by so many brave men and women wearing the uniform of the United States. In closing, have a most safe and pleasant Memorial Day, display our flag, and take time to be thank- ful for all who have and will serve in our Armed Forces. Reflect and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this wonder- ful country, America. God bless America. BOB FERRI Central Falls COLLETTE From Page 4 Promotion Manager AMELIA SUGARMAN, left, and Promotion Coordinator CASEY BENNETT, right, stand in front of an indoor wall of plants. BREEZE PHOTOS BY CHARLES LAWRENCE The new area features an expanded CONFERENCE ROOM. LETTER ACROSS 1. Guitarists use them 5. Makes less intense 11. Julia Louis-Drey- fus series 12. Once in a while 16. Up to the time of 17. A moon of Jupiter 18. "Riddley Walker" writer 19. Basketball's "Grandmama" 24. Gallium 25. Stocky sea duck 26. Expressions of delight 27. Albanian mone- tary unit 28. Some are electric 29. Refine 30. Clusters 31. Get rid of 33. Female body part 34. Passerine bird 38. One who is killed for their religion 39. Green (Spanish) 40. Partner to awe 43. Flightless, run- ning Aussie birds 44. One who breaks up the ground 45. Sacred language of some Hindu texts 49. Get free of 50. Furnace of burning 51. Sent in large quantities 53. Type of medical patent (abbr.) 54. Failure to follow the rules 56. Egyptian unit of capacity 58. A public pro- motion of some product or service 59. Strongly scented subshrub 60. Miserable in appearance 63. Coagulated blood 64. Boil at low tem- perature 65. Republic of Ireland DOWN 1. Pull or tear away 2. Dennis is one 3. Gas 4. Popular rec activ- ities 5. Owl genus 6. Cries 7. Morning 8. Pass catcher 9. Spirit of an era 10. Suffix 13. Megabyte 14. In an expectant manner 15. More curving 20. Plural of thou 21. Son with the same name 22. Not one 23. The woman 27. Uncouth man 29. Laugh 30. Sustained viral response (abbr.) 31. Between north- east and east 32. In the matter of 33. A tree that bears acorns 34. Supervised 35. Not quite a full earner 36. Unpleasant sub- stance 37. Some are fake 38. Hammer is a famous one 40. Type of cup 41. Poisonous Eur- asian plant 42. An alternative 44. Belongs to he 45. Bond actor's real name 46. Ring-shaped objects 47. One who reads in a church service 48. Conceive 50. One educated in Japan 51. Rural delivery 52. 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