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2 SENIOR LIVING GUIDE MAY 9-15, 2019 | THE VALLEY BREEZE SENIOR LIVING | RECREATION If you have never held a racket, it's a good idea to take lessons with an expert. Especially for seniors who are facing mild cases of arthritis, proper training can save you from pain and irritation. Check your local fitness facil- ity for recommendations on a trainer who specializes in elderly tennis classes. HEALTH BENEFITS Playing tennis does more than provide seniors with an opportunity for aerobic fit- ness. Participation also boosts speed, leg strength and general body coordina- tion. Having good control of bal- ance is of utmost importance as many suffer from serious injuries caused by falls every year. If you have been search- ing for an activity to motivate your physical fitness goals, tennis can be a great addition to your life. CHOOSING A RACKET Much like other sports, using the right gear will give your game an advantage and keep you comfortable. It can be fun to purchase clothing, shoes and accessories to make your game more fun, but don't forget to invest in a quality racket. Before buying a racket, ask the expert at your sporting goods store if you can try it out. If it is too heavy, you can strain your wrist and slow down your reaction time. Look for a racket with a head size of 100 square inches or more; smaller options are for more advanced players. Pay attention to the grip size when researching differ- ent models. It will be easy to tell which range works for you based on how comfort- able it feels in your hand You will notice power rat- ings on different rackets. While it may seem like a good idea to jump right into a high-powered racket, medi- um options are easier to han- dle for beginners. MAKE IT SOCIAL Reach out to your peers about joining a local tennis community or creating your own. Set aside time in your schedules to train, hold tour- naments and practice togeth- er. © ADOBE STOCK Taking on Tennis T ennis is an affordable sport that can be shared with friends and will keep you active. It's likely there is already a suitable court in your community. Content Produced by Green Shoot Media. © 2019 Taking on Tennis

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