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4 CUMBERLAND MAY 9-15, 2019 | VALLEY BREEZE | CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION BREEZE PHOTO BY BILL MURPHY MICHAEL HANCOCK, 15 of Cumberland, a member of Arnold Mills Boy Scout Troop 1, delivers food to customers at the troop's all-you- can-eat Pancake Breakfast. The event was held at the Arnold Mills United Methodist Church in Cumberland, Saturday. Revaluation expected to increase Cumberland property values Council approves hiring Fogell, backs resolution on tobacco oversight CUMBERLAND – A planned revaluation of properties in Cumberland over the next year is expected to result in signifi- cant increases to values, says Tax Assessor Ken Mallette. The Town Council last week authorized Mayor Jeff Mutter to enter into a contract with cur- rent vendor Vision Government Solutions to complete revaluation and reappraisal services, choosing that company over second bidder Tyler Technologies. The amount spent on the contract will not exceed $154,000. The revaluation is planned for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, with val- ues reflected as of Dec. 31, 2019. The results won't become official until April of next year. This is a statistical revaluation, happening every three years, meaning those conducting the review won't enter homes and busi- nesses to do an analysis of property improvements, but will instead be analyzing trends by neighborhood. There are 12,580 total properties to be evaluated, including 9,522 single-family residential homes, 219 commercial buildings, 1,448 vacant residential properties and 133 vacant commercial properties, among others. Towns must equalize their tax rates downward based on increased overall values, but many residents By ETHAN SHOREY Valley Breeze Managing Editor See REVALUATION, Page 13 ABOUT US The Valley Breeze is a locally owned newspaper Office location: 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite #204, Lincoln, RI 02865 Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Closed weekends and holidays. 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The cost is $189 per year, or $4 per week. Phone 401-334-9555 for details. COPYRIGHTS – or its content may not be linked to any other Web site without the written permission of the publisher. News aggregators that solicit advertising may not link Attention Lincoln Voters The Town of Lincoln's Financial Town Meeting Is scheduled for Monday, May 13, 2019 At 7:00 p.m. in the Lincoln Middle School Auditorium Please enter from the Gym entrance at the right side of the building All registered voters are invited to attend Doors open at 6:15 Monique L. Clauson Deputy Town Clerk Town of Lincoln coLLecTor's saLe of esTaTes for Taxes and assessmenTs and/or waTer charges and assessmenTs due and unpaid The undersigned, Finance Director of the Town of Lincoln, hereby gives notice that he will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, in the Council Chambers, Lincoln Town Hall, 100 Old River Road, Lincoln, Rhode Island on May 31, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. Local Time, the fol- lowing described parcels of real estate (for the levy upon which notice is hereby given) or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the taxes and assessments and/or water charges and assessments which constitute a lien thereon (including where applicable, any tangible taxes and/ or any liens pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws 23-27.3-125.7) together with interest, costs and expenses incident to this sale. Each of the following described parcels will be sold for the payment of the taxes and assess- ments. Information as to the nature of the said taxes and assessments, and the amounts due on the several parcels may be obtained from the undersigned and will be announced at the sale. For a more particular description of said estates, reference is made to the Assessor's Plats as the same appeared in the Offices of the Assessor or Assessors of said Town of Lincoln. TERMS: CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TERMS: COMPLIANCE WITH R.I.G.L. 44-9-13.1 AND COMPLIANCE WITH R.I.G.L. 44-9-13. Property upon which taxes have been paid in full prior to the tax sale will not, of course, be auctioned at the tax sale. Please be advised that if the above property in which you have a substantial interest is sold at tax sale, then you will have one (1) year to redeem it through the Collector's Office or through the tax sale purchaser by tendering the taxes paid, plus a ten percent (10%) penalty on the tax sale amount, plus an additional one percent (1%) penalty per month on the tax sale amount from the seventh month onward, unless a shorter period to redeem is provided under Rhode Island Law. After one (1) year, unless otherwise provided under Rhode Island Law, you may exercise your right to redeem through the tax sale purchaser, or, if a Petition to Foreclose your Right of Redemption has been filed in Superior Court, you may redeem through the Court until a Final Decree is entered forever foreclosing your right of redemption. JOHN F. WARD Finance Director Town of Lincoln P01 L-046.0 TAXED TO ROBERT H. & CLAIRE A. JACKSON & RIHMFC P01 L-083.0 TAXED TO PATRICIA L. LAPIDE & JEFFREY W. OESTERLE P02 L-051.0 TAXED TO AUREA M. ROSA & RIHMFC P02 L-102.0 TAXED TO JIMMY ESTRADA P02 L-113.0 TAXED TO KONTINENTAL, LLC P03 L-160.0 TAXED TO DAVID M. CANHAM P04 L-043.0 TAXED TO THOMAS M. & DONNA K. DAVIS P05 L-012.0 TAXED TO JOHN D. NEWELL, POST, LLC & BREEZY ACRES, RIGP P05 L-021.0 TAXED TO FREDERICK J., JR & DEBORAH A. AMBEAULT P06 L-125.0 TAXED TO RICARDO J. RODRIGUEZ & RIHMFC P07 L-146.0 TAXED TO DOUGLAS J. HURLEY & AMANDA RAMOS P07 L-164.0/00020 TAXED TO JAMIE DUFFY P08 L-107.0 TAXED TO SLOWDOUGH, LLC, FIDELITY REALTY ASSOC., LLC, BEGABE, LLC & THOMAS B. CONLEY P08 L-167.0 TAXED TO SCOTT R. BOUSQUET & RIHMFC P09 L-077.0 TAXED TO HELEN M. SHURGOT, ANTHONY ABRAMCZYK & RIHMFC P09 L-246.0 TAXED TO KELLY E. & DONALD WRIGHT P10 L-018.0 TAXED TO ROBERT B. SALMOND, JR. P10 L-064.0 TAXED TO JOHN F., JR & MARY LOUISE BEGG P12 L-186.0 TAXED TO JOHN A. MCDONOUGH, JR. P12 L-243.0 TAXED TO SUSAN M. ARRIGHI & RIHMFC P15 L-079.0 TAXED TO ADAM & HEATHER L. HITCHEN P16 L-133.0 TAXED TO S. HAFIZE SHAH P20 L-118.0 TAXED TO VERONICA HENRY P23 L-135.0 TAXED TO DAVID K. & CYNTHIA L. ROBERTS, TRUSTEES P24 L-038.0 TAXED TO CONKLIN LIMESTONE CO., INC. P24 L-040.0 TAXED TO CONKLIN LIMESTONE CO., INC. P26 L-008.0 TAXED TO CLAIRE DISPIRITO, CHARLES G., III & LINDA V. MCCARTHY P27 L-010.0 TAXED TO CLIFFORD E. WAGNER, III P31 L-018.0/00193 TAXED TO MARILYN B. ROBILLARD P31 L-086.0 TAXED TO MUHAMMAD QUANDIL P31 L-169.0 TAXED TO JOSEPH VELTRI & FIORE F. MAGNONE P32 L-048.0/00214 TAXED TO ASIM BARAKZAI P32 L-048.0/00330 TAXED TO SHARON & FREDERIC FIOLA P34 L-026.0/00105 TAXED TO GEOFFREY A. WIENS P35 L-180.0/00003 TAXED TO KAMI A. CLARK P36 L-131.0 TAXED TO MAURICE J. OMAR, JR. P37 L-063.0 TAXED TO PAUL A. & MARIA C. SYLVESTRE P37 L-107.0 TAXED TO MANVILLE REALTY, INC. P37 L-159.0 TAXED TO PAUL & KAREN ZANGARI P38 L-115.0 TAXED TO BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC. & DV PROPERTIES, LLC P38 L-120.0 TAXED TO EDWARD & NOEMIA NORBERG P41 L-012.0/18027 TAXED TO RALPH EDWARD CHIODO & MARIANNE E. SANTORO-CHIODO P44 L-087.0 TAXED TO ARTISS AKARRA P45 L-244.0 TAXED TO PAUL & STACIE SOARES P45 L-315.0 TAXED TO JERMAINE A. LAWRENCE P45 L-429.0 TAXED TO KENNETH & MARIA LEWIS

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