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NORTH PROVIDENCE EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | APRIL 17-23, 2019 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR / BUSINESS 11 Lombardi: Abandoning plans to sell Providence Water Department is great news I am writing this editorial in response to the city of Providence's recent decision to abandon its plans to sell or lease the Providence Water Department. This is great news for all of the communities who pur- chase water from the Providence Water Department. As I have stated on numerous occasions that if Providence Water were to be sold or leased to a for-profit entity, it would ultimately be the ratepayers of these communities who would be burdened with the bill in the form of increased water rates. I find it difficult to understand how any investor would pay $450 million for the water system and not expect to recoup its investment, but also generate a profit. The sale of the water system was a terrible idea from the start. It is my understanding that the idea was to generate additional rev- enue in order to reduce the exorbi- tant unfunded pension liability that continues to strangle the taxpayers of the city of Providence. Although this may have been a great idea for the city of Providence, it would not have been fair to place this burden on the backs of the surrounding communities who had nothing to do with creating this pension disaster. In this day and age where the solution to all problems is to raise taxes, it is incumbent on all munici- pal leaders to do more with less. We need to reduce the tax burden for all Rhode Islanders instead of creating smoke and mirror schemes that makes government more expensive. As mayor of the town of North Providence who, on occasion, interacts with Providence Water Department, I find their operation to be both professional and effi- cient. I would like to thank Director Richard Caruolo and his staff for their excellent service. CHARLES A. LOMBARDI Mayor, town of North Providence Do you have a story to share? In times such as these, people often reach out for help when they find themselves struggling. Often, they will choose a local clergy member for guidance and support. It has come to our attention that Father Edward Cardente of North Providence gets chosen often. We hear over and over again that when this priest gets involved in someone's life, especially a young person's life, the impact can last for decades. We have been so amazed by the stories we have heard, we had to go looking for more. Therefore, I humbly ask the fol- lowing. If you have experienced Fr. Cardente's wisdom and care, please email me at or call me at 315-864-1229. I promise to listen closely. Thank you in advance for any knowledge you can share. ROBERT T. OLIVEIRA Utica, N.Y. do you know? You can call The North Providence Breeze at 401-334-9555. Our fax is 334-9994. NORTH PROVIDENCE – Owners of Camp Nowhere, 1838 Smith St., have adapted previous plans for an expansion by propos- ing an added service bar area on the Smith Street side of the property, including four picnic tables and space for up to 24 people. The owners, said their attorney Peter Petrarca at the Town Council meeting of April 2, are addressing previous concerns about an expan- sion of premises on the opposite side of the building by instead adding it on the front and maintaining an exist- ing capacity of 70 people. That num- ber will be spread between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is a seasonal expansion, Petrarca said, and does not expand capacity. No one will be allowed to sit or stand at the bar, Petrarca said. Camp Nowhere owners said the biggest problem they're facing now is that people are having to stand and wait for a table for 30 minutes, as it's hard to sit 70 people inside at once. The council put off a decision on granting permission for an expansion of liquor license and dining premises to a meeting in May. Council mem- bers had offered concern that the people outside would add to the total capacity inside. Building Official Mike Carnevale told the council he considers the out- door space an expansion of legal non- conforming space, and zoning should sign off on the proposal. He said he wants to see a completed site plan showing that the restaurant has the needed parking spots between their property and the Sorrento Restaurant lot they rent next door. Adding the outdoor space is taking away two existing parking spots, and existing spots are generally not marked well. "I want it done the proper way so that way they can enjoy their business and we're all legal here," he said. Though it appears there are some 50 parking spots, easily exceeding the 23 needed, said Carnevale, they should be lined and made official, "because right now it's a guess." Camp Nowhere seeks permission for outdoor space By ETHAN SHOREY Valley Breeze Managing Editor BREEZE PHOTO BY ETHAN SHOREY Owners of CAMP NOWHERE on Smith Street are seeking permission to expand premises to an outdoor space near the street. Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor are welcome from readers. Please: • Limit to 500 words. Longer letters may appear online only. • Letters on local or state topics and issues will take precedence over those on national issues. • No more than one letter per person every 8 weeks, please. • All letters must be signed and include a hometown. Send by e-mail to:, or mail to The Valley Breeze, 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204, Lincoln, RI 02865.

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