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VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER LIVING EDITION | APRIL 3-9, 2019 ENTERTAINMENT 7 have access to all four days of the show. "People can come and take their time, take in the gardens, see the exhibitors," he said. "If they want to return, they can just return without paying again. There's so much to see." Of people who attend the Home Show, 40 percent are looking for a contractor while the rest are looking for ideas and inspiration, Marcantonio said. "We're really focused on looking at what the public is interested in and try to provide that product for them," he said. New this year is the Connected Home Experience, featuring the lat- est in whole home automation, enter- tainment, and ener- gy management solutions. "Technology is a big part of the show this year," Marcantonio said. "You literally can control almost every aspect of your house through a connection with your phone," including turning on lights and managing appliances, heating and security. "Your house is now connected to you," he added. Another new component is an age- friendly home, presented by AARP Rhode Island. Representatives will share home solutions that serve people for a lifetime, from simple changes to bigger design projects. Marcantonio said the well-thought- out design techniques make homes "more livable in general," and save people from having to retrofit a home when they get older. Produced by Arnold Lumber Company and Unilock, a new Outdoor Living Experience gives attendees five outdoor designs to walk through. "One of the biggest trends now is outdoor living," Marcantonio said. The show will also include a cou- ple of interior designers. Three years ago, the Spring Flower and Garden Show was added to the Home Show, which has cre- ated "a great value for consumers," Marcantonio said. The Flower and Garden Show has "really grown, pun intended" over the past couple of years. Created by the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs and Central Nurseries of Johnston, the Flower and Garden Show, titled "Dream, Discover, Design!" will include more than 10,000 square feet of garden space featuring 10 different themed gardens, all of which have educational components, Marcantonio said. Themes include rooftop living, backyard entertaining and dining, coastal landscaping, edible commu- nity garden, and xeriscaping. "They've done a tremendous job," he said. Designers have created contempo- rary and traditional floral arrange- ments as part of a competition. Also available will be URI Master Gardeners to test soil samples for pH level and texture. For the sixth year, the show's annual Energy Expo will be present- ed by National Grid and the Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Resource Management Counsel. Attendees can learn about energy saving programs and rebates, find energy contractors, and sign up for no-cost home energy assessments. The show will also offer educa- tional seminars by experts in land- scaping, floral design, gardening and interior design, as well as a boutique home decor store. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, and free for ages 15 and younger. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Tickets are valid for four days with re-entry wristband. Hours are Thursday, April 4, and Friday, April 5, from noon to 9 p.m., Saturday, April 6, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information and a com- plete schedule, visit: www.ribahome- . The Rhode Island Home Show will feature GARDEN DISPLAYS like this one, at right, from last year's show, featuring the Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show. Below is an inte- rior design display from RI KITCHEN AND BATH fea- tured at last year's Rhode Island Home Show. MARCANTONIO HOME SHOW From Page One Local news. Local owners. You might think every newspaper would be like that. But they aren't. We are. ACROSS 1. Defense Depart- ment 4. Diminutive hoop- ster Webb 8. Cools 10. Chili con __ 11. Quantitative fact 12. Enliven 13. A woman of refinement 15. Where royalty live 16. Beverage made of oatmeal 17. Replaced 18. UK's largest city 21. Obamacare 22. When you expect to get there 23. Deutschland 24. Consumed 25. Paddle 26. A way to con- sume 27. "Walter White" 34. The opera has one 35. Honk 36. Disorganization 37. Secret political clique 38. Recounted again 39. Converts to leather 40. Consisting of a single element or component 41. Therefore 42. Clownish 43. The habitat of wild animals DOWN 1. Dreary 2. Book page size 3. Become less lively 4. Grassy plain 5. Attached a figure to 6. Hungry 7. NY-based depart- ment store 9. Pedestal 10. Single-celled animal 12. National capital 14. China's chairman 15. Al Bundy's wife 17. Acid in all living cells 19. Told 20. Displays heart- beat 23. Softly 24. Swiss river 25. Small chapel 26. Electronic countermeasures 27. Asian nation 28. Neither 29. Peacock network 30. List of candidates 31. Medieval gar- ment 32. Type of juice 33. "Coach" actor 34. Puerto Rican dance music La __ 36. Texas politician Ted Answers to this week's crossword puzzle can be found on page 11.

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