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4 SCITUATE MARCH 28-APRIL 3, 2019 | VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER | SMITHFIELD SCITUATE FOSTER GLOCESTER presented the review, available on the town's website, which disclosed construction on the 7,500-square- foot building to be around 35 to 40 percent complete. The council and committee members were optimistic about the building's progress during a Feb. 7 site visit. The MCC report said the project appears 50-60 percent complete "to the naked eye." "It is MCC's opinion that the proj- ect is no more than 35-40 percent complete, as much of the work that was already performed needs to be either removed and replaced, retro- fitted, or undergo further evaluation by a registered design professional," the report states. MCC concluded that the Building Committee should either hire a general contractor, or be appointed as such, as well as hire an owner's project management service for periodic inspection of the site for plan conformance and specifica- tions. The Building Committee should also obtain a full set of mechanical plans and develop a final step of architectural drawings, MCC said. "Significant amounts of informa- tion are missing regarding each of the systems, and the town must decide how many prisoners will be held on-site," the report read. Council liaison to the Building Committee David D'Agostino said he was shocked to learn about the station's completion status, and apologized for the prior council's leadership. "We have a large ranch house, not a professional, municipal police facility. Thankfully, we now have a chance to correct the mistakes and missteps of the recent past," D'Agostino said. MCC reported findings under five sections: architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and gas and plumbing. All had issues. According to MCC, the available documenta- tion for the site is lacking sufficient detail or missing entire building systems. Architectural The architectural design plan did not list the basic code items for the design, such as use and occupancy, type of construction, building area, and exit pathways. MCC added that the plan lacked significant details, including holding cells, foundation section, footing details, and roof framing details. During the site visit, MCC found issue with the three holding cells (plans call for four cells) in the rear of the building. The cell openings were constructed too wide, with the openings in the door too high, and also need sprinkler protection and smoke compartments. Structural No structural design plans were submitted to MCC. Therefore, MCC was not able to verify correct the placement of the roof's truss or load-bearing structures. Multiple load-bearing walls were observed without anchor bolts or other connecting means to show how the walls were connected to the footings. MCC found cracks in the con- crete slab flooring, which represen- tatives said they believe is due to a lack of properly installed control joints. In addition, MCC found the company that poured the concrete stated that no mesh reinforcement was installed in the slab. Lastly, recycled lumber was used on many headers, which need to be evaluated for structural soundness by a design professional or other- wise replaced. Mechanical No plans were submitted for the mechanical systems, and MCC rec- ommended creating plans for duct design, heating and cooling, load calculations, fresh air intake require- ments, damper types and heating design for the garage. Ductwork was not insulated to correct code requirements, and was not sealed for leakage. Additional findings included no air filter on the mechanical system, and the outdoor propane pipe needs to be redone. Plumbing Piping plans do not show pipe sizes, and pitches have not been noted on piping. MCC found the attic vent piping is not pitched. Electrical Additional breakers need to be installed on the panel board. D'Agostino noted that he voted to support the police station bond, but in doing so requested that the building comply with the International Association of Chiefs of Police "Police Facility Planning Guidelines." His request did not receive a response, he said. "Well this council and committee will make sure that the people of Scituate and our police officers have a professional building that will 100 percent finished and that we can all be proud of," he said. D'Agostino said completing the building, while fixing the mis- takes made, will "likely cost more money." During the March 14 Town Council meeting, Building Committee Chairman Paul Leveillee said the same about the proposed budget. He said there is no way the job can meet its budget. He said the project is "not as bad as we thought," and said he hoped it could be completed as soon as three months. He said the Building Committee does not have a game plan yet, but believes construction will go smoothly once it begins. Construction on the station began last June, months after the town approved a $1.7 million bond last January. At the time, former Town Councilor John Mahoney, who was then head of the Police Station Building Committee, said the build- ing would be complete by the end of the year. The Scituate Police Department continues to work out of trailers after the old station, at 116 Main St. in Hope, was condemned in November of 2017. STATION From Page One Container Gardening program at North Scituate Library SCITUATE – North Scituate Public Library, 606 West Greenville Road, will offer Container Gardening with University of Rhode Island Master Gardeners on Thursday, March 28, at 6 p.m. The Master Gardeners will lead a class and give out free seeds. Call 401-647-5133. 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SUBSCRIPTIONS – The Valley Breeze may be delivered anywhere in the United States, in an envelope, by First Class mail only. The cost is $189 per year, or $4 per week. Phone 401-334-9555 for details. COPYRIGHTS – or its content may not be linked to any other Web site without the written permission of the publisher. News aggregators that solicit advertising may not link APRIL 10, 2019 7:00 PM BENJAMIN EDDY BUILDING, 6 SOUTH KILLINGLY ROAD The Town of Foster Zoning Board of Review will hold a Public Hearing on April 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Benjamin Eddy Building, 6 South Killingly Road, Foster RI for a property located on 49A Moosup Valley Road, being Plat 2 Lot 77A in an Agricultural/Residential AR district on 14.74 acres. The Applicant and Owners, Raymond and Judy Dexter, seeks a Special Use Permit for the Town of Foster Zoning Ordinances Article IV Uses Section 38-191. Table of uses. Residential uses 7. Lodging, guesthouse or bed-and-breakfast on property 49A Moosup Valley Road, being Plat 2 Lot 77A. A Special Use Permit is needed to allow a guesthouse on the property as a separate structure within conforming setbacks for Agricultural/Residential AR district. The Town of Foster Zoning Board of Review will hold a Public Hearing on April 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Benjamin Eddy Building, 6 South Killingly Road, Foster RI for a properties located on 49A and 52 Moosup Valley Road, being Plat 2 Lots 77A and 77 in an Agricultural/Residential AR district on 14.74 and 11.35 acres, respectively. The Applicant and Owners, Raymond and Judy Dexter, seeks a Variance from the Town of Foster Zoning Ordinances Article VIII. Land Development Projects Section 38-356 Residential compounds. (d) Use limitations and dimension requirements. (2) Restrictive covenants shall prohibit further division of land within the compound. Relief is needed to subdivide 49A and 52 Moosup Valley Road, being Plat 2 Lots 77A and 77 from two to four parcels. A Minor Subdivision was given final approval and recorded on November 6, 2000 creating a three-lot residential compound. There was an opportunity to add two additional units that meet LMI (Low or moderate income) definition for a total of five units that was not petitioned for at that time. The applicant and owners are seeking these additional two units. All interested persons are invited to attend the Public Hearing and be heard. Modifications to the proposal may occur as a result of the comments received during the hearing or as a result of further study. The application can be reviewed at Town Hall at 181 Howard Hill Road in the Planning Department during normal business hours. In the event of overcrowding, the Hearing will be moved to the Foster Town House, 180 Howard Hill Road, Foster RI. Individuals requiring interpreter service must notify the Town Clerk's Office at (401) 392-9200 at least 72 hours in advance of the hearing date. By order of the Zoning Board of Review Paula Mottshaw, Chair NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TOWN OF FOSTER ZONING BOARD OF REVIEW FOR SALE AT PUBLIC BID Kohler Generator, Diesel, Model # 80ROZJ81, Serial # 284631, 1130.8 hours. Double wall diesel fuel storage tank, 250 gallons. Bid Due: April 12, 2019 at 9 a.m. Smithfield Housing Authority 7 Church Street Greenville, RI 02828, where bids will be opened publicly. Generator and fuel tank may be viewed at the above address. Bid must be on official bid form No copies. Bid form may be picked up at Smithfield Housing Authority 7 Church Street Greenville, RI 02828, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday – Friday. Bids must be signed. Minimum Bid is $750.00.

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